Thursday, December 27, 2007

My last post was in october.

woot for consistancy!

So, big news. My wife is pregnant.

And I am extremely excited! I'm hoping for a girl- and we're somewhat expecting one, because we have had some pretty cool dreams, with a little girl in them. We got a little pink stocking for her, too. :) Rosemary is between 9 and 10 weeks, and I've been following the development on a baby website every week since we learned that she was pregnant.

So far, Rosie hasn't had any crazy life altering side affects like most women- no crazy morning sickness with massive dizziness, puking and calling in sick. She just gets tired a little more and has some unique food tastes, but nothing crazy.

I love feeling her stomach, even though it's barely bigger than normal, and praying over our child. It's a nightly thing...

She's going to be such a great mother. She's had lots of experience babysitting newborns and children in general, and she's got a great sense of discipline, mixed with a healthy dose of being self critical of parenting techniques. I'm glad for that- there are a lot of things her parents did that upset her quite a bit, and things that I wouldn't really appreciate in our house, so I'm glad she knows she wants to avoid those things. All kids feel that way to a degree, and it's fairly normal, but it's an important part of trying to be a better parent, is trying to take what your parents did and improve upon it. Not that we'll get it perfect or anything, but I'd rather trust our parent's techniques and ideals for discipline and reward than picking up any parenting books in a barnes and noble these days.

A lot of what I feel is good parenting advice is just having a biblical understanding of our relationship with God. He gave us freedom to make our own mistakes and suffer the consequences, but still took us in, hugged us, and showed us the true way and the rewards associated with them. Discipline is a necessary part of that, but after a certain age, it's important to let them fall down and feel the pain, instead of protecting them from that pain. After a while, that just kind of gives them a false sense of consequences for actions and shock for when they are introduced into those kinds of things. You don't want a 18 yr old learning about the consequences of most types of common sin for the first time. They had better be well aware of the pitfalls of this world before they step foot outside, with the simple lessons learned in your own home first. Let them stay up super late once in a while, so they regret it when they can't stay awake in school and get a bad grade on a test. Let them eat so much junk food they feel sick for a day. Those are VERY important lessons, and they teach you about the cause and effect of life. That's how I was taught, and, well, I feel it worked, and I really want to give my children similar freedoms, and at the same time the moral compass to avoid those things.

Of course I'm getting ahead of myself. Next on the list is getting a crib and rearranging furniture, then changing diapers. :) But I'm excited to be a father, and I don't approach these kinds of things trivially. I will be the best father that I can be.


Kat said...

I'm so excited to be a grandmother! I wonder what I should be called? My mom is "Nanna", should I be just plain old "Grandma" or maybe "Grandma Kat" or something? Who knows. I'm open to suggestions. Anyway, I am very excited at the prospect of spoiling a grand child. How fun will that be?

Couple of things about parenting:

1. Pray for your kids. I truly believe that spending lots of time on my knees for my kids is why they are both walking with God today.
2. Get them to believe and embrace good morals, ethics, and the like. When they were very young (barely in school), during a prayer time for them I got a revelation that is actually very simple. Don't just tell my kids right from wrong, but spend my time with them getting them to believe it themselves. If they believe, from the bottom of their heart, that certain things are wrong or right, or that they want to live a certain way, then parenting for a wholesome adulthood is much easier. You don't have to make as many rules about things that they'll end up bucking at some point.

3. Touch, hug, snuggle, and kiss your kids a lot. Touch means so much.

4. Realize your kids are watching everything you do; you set the ultimate example of good or bad to them. Be very careful.

Just a few things that are at the top of my list.

Anonymous said...

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