Monday, October 22, 2007

We got our acceptance letter from Freshfire Ministries last week, for the India missions trip!

We're very excited about that. We are starting in on a 19 CD training course for supernatural healings, signs, and wonders, and it's amazing. Todd Bentley has some *amazing* teachings around supernatural healing, and it's really getting me jazzed. He talks, very very in depth, about healings in the bible, how it was done, the finer points, the faith, the action, everything. In the CDs, in middle of sermons, he will just stop and heal people. It's CRAYZAYY. We managed to save all the cash for it, down to the week. The very large check went off this morning...

So, last Saturday was a David Crowder concert. It ROCKED. He pulled out a Guitar Hero controller half way thru, which had been heavily modified. It had 4 different chords on it, and an "error" sound sampled into one of them, and a few extra buttons- one for the mario "coin" sound that is so popular. :) He played an entire song with it, it was great. It was sampled very well, so it sounded like an actual electric guitar. Then of course he pulled out the keytar and rocked it out with the 80s drum machine on that, haha. Their new album is great. One song specifically I like, is "Can you feel it" which has a great percussive feel to it and some handy set work- was very cool live.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I got kicked out of my window office on friday. :( Apparently some 14 year Microsoft veteran was hired into my division, and I'm the lowest level in a window office around, so I got 24 hour notice to be out of my office.

I was given the most senior cube position in the cube area my team owns, which is cool, but I still hate cubes. Interesting smells, conversations, distractions... ugh. It is interesting to be the most "senior" person of this cube area- looking around me, I am by far the youngest. Kind of a weird feeling.

So my car is in the shop getting fixed. The insurance company, as to be expected, is dicking around with the body shop. I took it to Queen City Auto Rebuild, which is the best shop I've *ever* experienced. I knew that they wouldn't put crappy parts on my car or do a cut the corners kind of job, so I took it to them. The insurance company does not want to pay for paint tinting (to match the colors of the newly painted parts to the old parts) doorjamb painting, and a new headlight. They would rather get a used headlight, and forget about the tinting. They also wanted to put on an used bumper and cheaper paint, etc, but the body shop talked them out of that.
So, the difference is $327 that I might be liable for, if the insurance company wont cough it up. And then, the body shop told me, it's gonna look pretty ugly since they haveto blend the paint into the hood- you will probably see a change in color across the hood, and have some ugly dent marks in the front where the rock chips are- painted divots. It would be an additional $750 to have them strip and repaint the entire hood and other fender to fix all that and make it look normal. I told the body shop to put that work on the request for payment to the insurance company, too. I'm pretty sure they will deny it, but I'll probably be getting a Microsoft lawyer to draft up a letter of intent to the insurance company to try and bully them into paying for all of it. I want the paint to match, I don't want a half repainted hood, and I don't want an used headlight. Progressive's claim is they restore the car to pre-accident status, and mismatched paint isn't part of that claim. Even if they meet me half way, it would be a huge cost savings for me...
I don't intend to actually sue, just get a cheap company (which I pay enormous ammounts of money to every month) to actually make the situation 100%. It just so happens that this is also my insurance company, so I'm sure I'll throw in a threat to switch companies, as well. Too bad most insurance companies are cheap suckers that hire folks just to hold on to every extra dollar they can. I'll have no problems informing them that the longer they bicker, the more it will cost them in rental car fees. We'll see how it goes, but I can't really afford the $327 + $750, and I'll probably just live with the weird paint match if they don't end up paying for it. Well, let me qualify that- I can afford it, but it's not a smart choice to afford it at this time in me and my wife's financial life.

Until next time,