Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Mandy moving to Knoxville?


Thats a shocker. No, not like the crude hand single- shocker as in, I am shocked.

Our family has always prided ourselves with staying a very close, tight-knit family. That's something we've always tried to maintain. I understand her reasons for moving- wanting to afford stay at home life, etc. Seems to me that is achievable up here in the northwest, as well, but I guess she doesn't feel that way. I kind of always imagined her being up here, so I can see my nieces/nephews and see her at different family events, so on. I mean, she was my only sibling. We were kind of all eachother had for many years. During our parent's hard times, during the times Dad was a workaholic, and mom was distressed. This entire ordeal is drawing up a lot more emotion than I would expect. We haven't gotten along real well at all in the last few years, and so you'd think it wouldn't be that big of a deal, but I guess thats just not true.

Knoxville? Why so far away? Are there other reasons that are left unspoken? I would imagine she would want the love and support of family when raising kids, as thats something she, and everyone in our family, has heavily touted. Oh well... if she really feels like God is calling her to that, then Godspeed. God's ways are higher than my own.

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Kat said...

This will be a HUGE change if/when it happens. As you pointed out, our family, while we may have our difficulties, has always been tight-knit. We see each other at least weekly and sometimes more often than that.

When change is thrust upon me, I try it on, kinda like a new coat, to see how it will fit. This one isn't fitting too good. The sleeves are too short, the zipper gets stuck, and it's not very warm. There's so many things I love that won't be a part of my life to any great extent if they move. Mandy and I love to get together regularly to do crafty things: soap making, painting, cooking, arts/crafts. I'm not sure how that outlet will be met in the future. I have also been blessed in that as Mandy has matured into adulthood, we have become very close; friends even. The sheer distance will be painful.

Of course there is always the notion of being a hands-on grandma when the time comes. My level of support will be near non-existent. Gone are the thoughts of babysitting at a moments notice, or helping out when they want a weekend away for themselves.

I remember talking to co-workers and friends who have children who have moved away from family and feeling so thankful that my kids have stayed close. I remember being thankful that, as a child, I've stayed close by my parents and have had them as a support while my kids were growing up.

That said, if God is actually putting this on their heart and wants to plant them somewhere, then they have my absolute blessing. I would never want to stand in the way of God's call on their lives.

This is not about me, sigh...