Monday, August 20, 2007


how hard is it to start a paintball team? Luke and I went to an indoor 3 man field saturday night, and we practiced together. There was a 3 man team there, and they were a little better than us. One of them noticeably moreso than the others.

Well, Luke and I are thinking about starting a team to try and play some beginner tournies next year. We'll see how that goes- luke doesnt have a job, so it would be hard for him to pay (it's not a cheap sport) and we're both not that good as far as tourney players go. Part of why we went the other night. We practiced some running and shooting drills, shooting with our off hand, snap shooting... I couldn't really practice fast laning (shooting fast in a certain spot, making a player run through your stream) because my hopper doesn't load fast enough (new one gets here tomorrow, heh :) ) but I did get to practice where to shoot. Thing is, most of the beginner tournies are 3 man. Luke and I are TWO. We need a third player. Someone that is interested in playing some tournaments, having some decent gear, practicing with us a bit, etc. It would be *really* fun to have a team and play at some local beginner tournies, where it's almost everyone's first time playing a real tournament. If we get good enough, maybe even win something. First place usually is a pretty darn good reward, be it cash, guns, gear, etc. That'd be pretty sweet. If we keep practicing throughout the winter, we could probably be decent for the beginner tournaments.

I was asked to play with a team last weekend for a beginner series event, but I declined, figuring I needed more experience, and went to practice with Luke instead. Funny thing is, the team I declined, won 3rd place, and I didn't even think they were that good... they were shooting some pretty cheap guns, and not a lot of play time. Oh well, live and learn.

There are lots of teams around the area that probably wouldn't mind picking up an extra one or two people... I wonder if it would be easier just to join someone else's team, and not haveto worry about all the semantics of being a team captain. Getting people to go to practice, making sure people can afford a tourney, working on drills, being responsible in general. :/

I'm thinkin, if it was my team, I'd name it after my old PB company I had. Savage Paintball. Maybe I'd name it Team Savage, or just Savage. hehe.

Until next time...

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