Monday, July 02, 2007


I bought a new paintball gun.

again. :)

I started playing again... trying to increase my horde of weaponry so I can take a lot of people with me all at once.

I've got a couple of guns from when I used to sell them, but they have these old rechargable batteries that don't keep a charge, and the company went out of business, so it's rediculously hard to find these parts. But I've taken Rosemary three times now, and she's getting pretty good. We got Dad to go this saturday, too. He shot out almost a whole case in less than 5 total games of play! The last two games he played, I filled his hopper and three full pods of paint for him (about 680 paintballs), and he walked off the field completely empty! I don't think I shot that much *all day*. :) He sure had fun, though. :)

So here is a pic of my new gun:

It's called a Proto Matrix Rail... it's a cheap version of the really expensive $1,000 dollar guns, and I wheedled and cajoled a really good deal for a brand new one. :)
I'm pretty excited to use it. Some of the parts on it are cheap plasticy type stuff, but hopefully that won't be too much of an issue. Now my only problem is, the gun can shoot wayyyy faster than my hopper can load, hehe. that'll be a real big limitation. But this is a really stealthy quiet type gun, so it should be fun to sneak up on people. :) Plus, it matches my paintball outfit! hahaha.
It looks like Rosemary and I will be going to india sometime in the beginning of next year. We're starting to save now, and we're extremely excited to serve on a missions trip. Some of the most amazing stories have come out of these mission trips to india- the blind see, the lame walk! Stories out of the bible, coming true. Talk about faith building. I really wish I lived in a society that fostered that kind of faith. Us here in america have need of nothing. We are the fatted calf, and it shows- when people get sick, there are doctors. When people go lame, we get them electric wheelchairs. America says that we just don't need God. Too bad they don't realize, that they do. It's brought a host of other problems- divorce rates above 50%, hundreds of millions of abortions, men and women that cannot be fulfilled from the opposite sex anymore. How sad is our "great country."
We won't last another 100 years, I'm afraid. But, when it all does come crumbling down, I will be ready, with God in my heart, to love people and prepare the way for the great calling of Christ. Thats why I serve in my church, thats why I work at being a young adult leader- to prepare the way for Jesus to move.