Tuesday, April 10, 2007

This post will be purely about subiefest 2.
burnout contest:

The guy in the silver wagon won. That STi was a close second. :)

Here are some of my pics:

All day long it was pouring down rain. The time attack cars (no pics shown, they were all blurry) had a hard time finding traction on the track, until the very last run of the day, when they posted some amazing lap times. The drift cars were also having some trouble, because drifting in the dry is a lot more predictable and stable. None the less, they did an amazing job drifting in the rain, and the dry. The two team orange drifters were the stunt drivers for the Fast and the Furious 3 drift movie, and they took 1st and 2nd place in the D1 drift competitions over in Japan. Those guys had some serious skill.
We could see the autocross across the way, but it was a little too far to get good shots. An Ariel Atom, lotus elise, custom go kart, S2000, and lots of other cool cars participated over there. There were some amazing cars, and it was a lot of fun. I hope the planners do a bit better job next time- there was no posted schedule, so you just kind of mulled around waiting for the next thing to start, not really knowing when it was going to, while being drenched.
Also, I didn't get any pictures, but about a dozen subies (and a honda) decided to made a mud rallycross out of the grass parking lot, drifting thru the foot deep mud. The honda got stuck (of course) and most of the guys got 1k tickets, because portland international raceway is a public park. What morons.
All in all, it was a blast!

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