Friday, April 06, 2007

Hey! This is what my finger looks like.

this is after 4 days of healing, too. I tried to gently clean it up a bit yesterday, and it looks a lot better than it used to- got most of the puss, dried blood, and dried wrapping off.

Sorry if I grossed you out- but its for this reason:
It's a testimony.
You see how the laceration crosses my entire finger? Well, my entire finger was pretty much cut through, with a little bit of skin holding it all together on the right edge (from a topdown view- left edge in this pic). The garage door had flattened my entire finger down to about a tenth of an inch or so. The initial prognosis from the EMT in the ambulance was that the finger was a loss and I would need plastic surgery for reconstructive repair.
Rosemary prayed for me, and called up the family to pray for me too. By the time I got to the hospital and unwrapped my hand, somehow blood had been getting into the tip of the finger, re-inflated it, and slightly reshaped it. When the doctor did some initial nerve damage tests, I passed all of the tests 100%. Now, for the nerves not to be cut, and for feeling at the end of my finger, is a COMPLETE MIRACLE, because there is no real way any nerves could really survive, having been cut clean through. The doctor just had to straighten the finger, and sow it back together. He referred me to a plastic surgeon anyway, and the plastic surgeon just looked at my finger and told me to schedule a routine followup, because he didn't really haveto do anything.
In the ambulance, when they told me my finger was a write off, my mind was racing with how losing my index finger on my primary hand would affect the rest of my life. I couldn't type properly, I couldn't hold a glass of water, feel my wife's cheek... you know, we take our index fingers for granted. Your life would really change if you couldn't use your primary index finger. you use it for *everything*.
There is a little part of my finger, right behind the cut, on the part that was cut completely through, where I can't feel. But small nerves do regrow a little bit, and I'm beleiving I'll be able to feel on that edge of my finger, in God's name. :)
So, keep praying for me, if you were, and know that God is good, and he takes care of us.
On the comical side, the day before this happened, I was praying in church, "Lord, break me. I want to be weeping for you."
I didn't mean physically! I'll be more specific next time. :)


Kat said...

I can testify to the fact that Ricky's finger looked nearly severed. The entire tip was off to one side and the xray showed a break in the little bone at the end.

The hospital trip was just that - a trip. It is amazing how long it took for them to get working on it. Ricky just layed there bleeding like a stuck pig for over an hour and a half. They did give him an IV with some fluids and a couple of shots of morphine (which did little to lessen the extreme pain he was in) and also a tetanus shot. His accident happened around 5:00 and the doctor didn't start sewing him up until probably 8:30! Emergency rooms are a zoo!

I tried to keep his mind distracted by talking to him about Web 2.0; RSS feeds, software as a service & Microsoft, and my current computer problems. Having his mind working hard to concentrate on technical things seemed to help him deal with the extreme pain.

I am so thankful it all looks like it is going to heal up just fine. Thank you Jesus!

Anonymous said...

So you went to the hospital in an ambulance? Does that mean you didn't have to wait in the ER for 2 and a half hours while you were bleeding from the stomach like me?

Just kidding, I read your mom's comment :p anyway I was secretly hoping you would post pictures, haha. feel better.