Tuesday, March 13, 2007

So I saw this *awesome* position open up, in the Entertainment and Devices devision in Microsoft. Those are the guys that do Xbox 360, Zune, all that stuff. Its a build position. pretty much what I do now, just with cooler stuff. I sent my resume off this afternoon after getting it all prepped for them, and the guy that is hiring for this position notifies me that someone just accepted an offer for the position this morning.

Gah! :(

I'm really tired of IT. All the worst managers go here (because they can't cut it in the product groups) and the IT group really gets trashed on a lot and ignored, because we don't do anything cool. Just write sales applications for our sales people. Support internal websites and tools. Boring.

I want to work on something new and exciting, and technically challenging. I'm tired of bad management, working on applications that I could really care less about, being in a group that gets ignored, and gets less money for promotions, raises, awards, and regular pay.

I mentioned to my boss and bosses boss, (since I need their approval to move) that I was looking at this position. Well, since the position is no longer open, I'd rather stay in this group, until I see another one like it open up. I probably wont get any promos anytime soon, because I just got one, and I work on programs that are poorly done, and that looks bad after a while. I got a promo a few months ago, and lots of people agree thats the best time to do a transfer, because it looks really good.

I'll just wait until I see an opportunity open up like that again, I think. It would be really, really cool to do builds for that group. I'm sick of going to meetings and discussing how we can manage, deploy, write, and build software for sales people. I just don't care. I don't like to work late, because I really don't care if this application gets delayed a day. Its just some sales app, not some huge project that competes in the consumer market.

Today is Rosie's first day at work, and I'm EXTREMELY happy for her. I'm really proud, and I'm excited to see her step into her potential. I know God favors her, and I know He will be with her in her workplace. Thats exciting, becase I know God will bless her, and she will do very, very well. Its just her nature.


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thanks for the prayers earlier.