Friday, February 23, 2007

Apologies if my blog was down for a few days... it looks like a hacker decided to try and use my server.

I don't have it very secure, well, because theres nothing on it I really care about. I can re-publish my blog somewhere else, and the server is an old junker. So I guess we'll see if he tries to come back.

I'm *really* looking forward to picking up a Bass Guitar this saturday. I got an amazing tax refund for buying my house this year, and in addition to paying off lots of debt (from a wedding, hmm) and buying a much needed couch, I want to pick up a cheap bass to learn to play on. I sold my drumset about six months ago, and I've been itching to play something. Sure, I've played percussion/djembe during all of that time, but man, its not quite enough. Maybe because I'm not on the music ministry team anymore, I don't know. I'll be going to an out of the way Guitar Center, where Daniel's old boss works, with Daniel, so hopefully we can get a good discount and I can get a better than cheapie bass for the same price. We'll see, I'm not looking to spend bank on an instrument I'm just learning.

In other news,

I'm tossing around the idea of competing in the Tamiya international RC race a few weeks from now. It sounds *really* fun to race with a hundred other guys. Even though I suck compared to most of them, the excitement of a race is much, much more fun than just driving around the track practicing. The excitement and competition, especially in a tiered system, is just so much more fulfilling. Hopefully my cheap hand-me-down batteries hold up :) The race is at the track here in Tukwila, so its not a big event, and its a free event sponsored by Tamiya, because they say you haveto have all Tamiya parts to race in it (thats where they get their profit). Plus there will be some good door prizes and awards for most accomplished rookie and stuff like that. Might be cool if I won a new car or a good charger. Hopefully most of the better guys will race in faster classes than me so I don't get stomped too hard.

Married life rocks, and Rosemary is the bestest wife in the world. Its the greatest thing ever to wake up next to her every morning, and close my eyes next to her every night. God really knew what he was doing when he created Eve for lonely ol' Adam. Too bad the world doesn't get it. They are missing out on some amazing things.

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