Thursday, January 25, 2007

So, uh, I'm getting married in less than 48 hours. More like, 45 hours and 15 minutes. (at the time I'm writing this.)

So thats cool.

I think its rather funny that the longest comment on our wedding webpage is from Granny D. :) not surprising at all, but funny. I'm glad that little comment entry section has a character limit, otherwise we'd have a few pages to read. :) I hope she doesn't pull us aside for a half an hour chat at our reception, because I don't look forward to trying to end one sided conversations. Its always hard to do tactfully.

So I have my ring, and I've been wearing it yesterday and today. :) I had fun showing it off to the other guys, and it makes me feel good to have a ring on my wedding finger. Thats definitely worth the risk of getting a small scratch in it (who looks too closely at the guys ring, anyhow?)

I've been struggling a little bit lately keeping my chin up and my lips smiling. Its been hard, I haven't had any alone time in quite a while, which is trying on an introvert such as myself. We've been going going going, and work is really squeezing every last bit out of me until I leave. We just had a big change in my group at work, as well, and my new bosses boss was nice enough to communicate to everyone on my projects that its absolutely unacceptable to try and get me to work while on my honeymoon. That was nice of him- its good to have someone up there that has, or pretends to have, a personal interest in my well being, which seems to be a first here at microsoft. Don't even get me started on wedding preparations, I don't really feel like talking about those right now. People have been nice enough to help though.
We've been moving stuff around in the townhouse, getting Rosie's stuff all situated. I gave her the big closet by the bathroom mirror, because, well, all women need mirrors by their closets. Something my mom taught me when I was younger. She'll probably be doing a bit more rearranging as well, and we have some plans to re-utilize the space we have, hopefully making the place a bit more comfortable and homey.

But boy, am I excited to get married and take a vacation. We really need this! God has been so amazing through all of this, giving us everything we need and opportunities at every turn to grow and learn with eachother. My prayer times have gotten much more sweet as of late, with quite the passion in them about my future bride, and passion God has for us and our future. It is truly amazing what he does for us and how he loves us. I pray that wherever we go and whatever we do, his hand be upon us and his blessing with us.

I guess now its time to start building the amazing marriage I've always dreamed of.
You can all be assured that I will pour every last ounce of my being into this task.


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