Friday, November 03, 2006

Political commercials are hilarious.

They make extremely outlandish comments based off of hardly similar facts.
Say, if a republican does not support stem cell research, this will be said of them in an ad campaign:
"Republican senator so-and-so wants us all to be retards!"

Or, if a democrat is pro-choice, then it will look like this:
"Democratic senator so-and-so stabs little babies in the face with letter openers"

One very funny specific one I saw, was where someone was accussed of supporting a rapist (who would elect someone that would support a rapist?) and then had a 2 second clip of this senator stating "Well, the guy was really pretty smart," and it started fading out when you started to hear the rest of the sentence, that probably when on like this: "But he is a sick twisted nutjob who needs to be locked up."

I'll link you to that one for posterity.

*in no way does this blog post represent a political view whatsoever. No babies were harmed in the making of this blog. It is purely an observation based on common day society and the impact that ads have on our humanity. If there were no political attack ads by one group or another, the author would be curious to see if their poll ratings would actually increase, or decrease. If you are still reading this Author's note, then you can stop now.

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