Friday, August 18, 2006

So, vegas was quite interesting.

Dad and I played in 8 different poker tournaments, and we got in the final table about half the time, and on pretty much every one we got past half the field of players or more. We had a blast, and we won some money at the poker tournaments, too. my very first tournament netted me almost 400 bucks, and I could have gotten more if I didn't decide to split four ways with the other 3 still in the tournament. The very next tournament, Dad got $241, too. We had a lot of fun. Man, Vegas is so crazy. It feels like a dream world. Coming back to seattle was strange, because it felt like Vegas was just such an unrealistic place. A place where normal things don't happen, and un-normal things are as common as oxygen. Large opulent casinos were a dime a dozen, with each one not sparing a single expense, and attending to every little detail with firm attention. We walked probably 3 or 4 miles a day for most of the days, and we saw some pretty crazy decor. I can't really describe a lot of what I saw, its just so large and garish that you've gotta see it for yourself to understand how big and gold and hand carved everything is. We also played some black jack (I lost every single time by great margins) some Craps (won about 100 total there) some Pai Gow (or however you spell it. played for 20 mins, lost 10 bucks... stopped being interested in that game). Some roulette, which I made good money on almost every single time I played, and some pretty silly slot games that were quite fun and passed the time while waiting for tournaments to start. Nightclubs were everywhere, risque shows were everywhere, the waitresses all dressed in low cut, short skirt outfits, which was unfortunate most of the time, because there are only so many girls that actually look any decent in them. I don't want to see large displays of cottage cheese, thank you. We walked around and saw almost all of the good casinos, all the good sights we could, and there was still a lot left over.

I had fun... and I'm done typing.
I miss Rosie.


Kat said...

Glad you had fun. Glad you had something to keep you occupied. Glad you came home with some money!!!

Ricky said...

you're a glad person. :)