Wednesday, June 14, 2006

last thursday I woke up and got dizzy, smacked my head against the door, and have felt dizzy since. Went to the doc, he prescribed some medicine... that makes me incredibly tired! I feel like I haven't slept in 3 days. I'm sooo tired....

My boss had a private one on one meeting with me today, telling me he wants me to take on three projects in addition to my current project. And one of those projects is the biggest project in our entire division. Great opportunity for growth, but its also an opportunity for lots of weekend work. Its a hard situation- on one hand, it will directly influence my performance review, salary, and stock awards- on the other hand, my life doesn't really let me work the weekends too much. and my health is already down the tube. I remember last time I hit crunch mode for a project- I got really sick for a long time. With all this, on top of 3 ministries at the church (each of them being fairly time consuming) its a little much. A good friend of mine mentioned that to me, and told me I need to work on my health first... with wedding planning, as well, it sounds like I might need to put something on hold for a while.
I'll be praying about it, for sure.



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Kat said...

Maybe tell your boss you have the "Bandwidth" for this new project if you can delegate some of the other work to others. You may say they don't have others, but if that is the case, they're all in a pickle anyway, right?

You sound like I get when I load my plate up too much. I end up taking a sabbatical from a ministry or two for a short time in order to rest up and get healthy; then I can hit it all hard again. I find myself going in phases like that. I'll have periods of time when I'm loaded, I get worn out and start getting sick, then I unload some and get better, then load up again....