Monday, June 05, 2006


So, not much is new here... Mandy & Mom have been gone for over a week now, and Daniel is a wreck. :) I don't envy him, and I absolutely do not look forward to Rosemary being gone for twice as long. God is my strength, God is my strength... woo boy. I'll make it :) I'll just haveto keep myself occupied as much as possible, I guess. Was thinking about starting to work out while shes gone, maybe pick up a new game... and definitely read more of my bible and write more sermons. I'm hoping her being gone doesn't affect my attendance to the friday night small group :(

Overall, things are: okay. We are starting to work on wedding planning ideas. Since our budget isn't overly large, we are looking at just doing a dessert only thing, instead of a full meal- maybe a chocolate fountain or something cool. We've kind of drafted up a family guest list... and we still need to work on the friends guest list, but things are progressing. We still need to do some of the more major stuff though, such as finding a location and booking it. We're still thinking january 27th for the date, as well- and more of an afternoon wedding, say 1pm or so. Gives you enough time to prepare in the morning, and enough time to... um... clean up, afterwards.

We sure have gotten enough advice for a lifetime, heh. :) Its hard to listen to it all, though- because if we took everyone's advice, we wouldn't get married until 2009, we could only see eachother 3 days a week, and Rosemary would be gone for a year anyways. Doesn't work for me. No way. :) I am wayyy too in love with that girl to put off the most important thing in my life. And waiting SUCKS! hehe. :)

If you are of the Christian faith, toss a prayer up for me. I could always use it. Ministry is hard, sometimes. :)


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