Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Got my new brakes on.

They are nice.

I painted them red.

They stop fast. and look cool.

Being engaged is pretty interesting. Lots of new things to worry about. Lots of new concepts, ideas, priorities. Its hard to get them right, despite trying our hardest. :) It is a blessing from God, and the most amazing thing in the world! I'm really glad we have people to look up to in our lives to help show us the path. And I'm so glad God's hand is on our relationship. It makes a world of difference, thats for sure! :)

It's a juggling act- all the things we need to do. Wedding planning. Family events. Meeting everyone. Counselling. Ministry. Spending time with friends. Man, when you're engaged, its hard to do all of that! I'm sure some people feel a little left out, and I'm sure we're forgetting other things, too. Its a true balancing act. Not just with our time, but with everything. With each relationship, we haveto listen and hear people, but we've got to forge our own decisions and paths, instead of taking what people have for us. We've got to take all of the advice of everyone around us, take it with a little salt (or a lot in some cases) and find what God wants for us. Seeking Godly counsel is absolutely critical, and sometimes it hurts a bit when you realize you aren't treating something exactly the way it should be. Or when you realize you can't make everyone happy.

In the midst of it all is a supreme excitement about married life. I am absolutely in love with Rosemary, and I want to spend the rest of my life with her, and I am soooo excited about that. I'll do whatever it takes, really. It makes all of this struggle and work absolutely worth it, and pale in comparison to the rewards.

I want to start preaching, too. That takes a LOT of time in the word and time with God, which I totally want to pour into (even more). I've got lots of passionate things to preach about. I need to find time to write these into sermons. I will probably start doing these on the friday night small group sessions.

Love everyone that takes the time to read this.


Thursday, May 11, 2006

well... an update on the car. cuz thats exciting. Instead of buying the accessport (tuning chip) I'll be doing a full stage 2 brake upgrade. Why? Because, part of the 60k maintenance (which is drawing near) is redoing the brakes... so to save cash, instead of redoing the brakes with stock parts, I'll be doing it all with stage 2 parts (two birds with one stone, an upgrade, and maintenance). It'll come out to about the same cost as an accessport, and it'll look pretty cool, too. I'll haveto wait a while to get the accessport, then, which is sad... but I'll deal. I'm sure I'll have the car for a long time, time enough to do everything I want to it. (I hope)

Okay- now on to the other stuff. Mike is now "officially" the best man for my wedding. And thats all we have planned for the wedding so far! Woohoo.

Every friday night, we have a small group/prayer meeting. Its been going absolutely *awesome*. God is showing up and healing people, calling people back to Him, challenging people, raising faith, and all sorts of other amazing great things. I'm really excited about this ministry, being the first one that I've ever really led by vision. I've always been parts of other people's dreams, but this one.. this one is kind of one God gave to me. That feels really special to me, and I'm running with it as fast as I can. I've had other ministries that I've led- such as Christians in Action club at Mt. Rainier- but I always felt like that was more of a training ground for me than a vision. Well here we are, in full swing. I need lots of prayer support with all of this new vision coming into my life and all of this stuff going on. Man, I'm still getting used to having my own place...

God's AMAZING, is all I can say. He's just given me everything I could ever dream of.