Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Wow, I have this desire to blog, but I don't know what I should write about...
So, I'm strapped for cash right now! I had a few expenses come at me out of the blue... I usually have some extra money as a buffer in case stuff like this happens, which is great, cuz it did! But now my buffer is... nonexistant. :( sad. I'll haveto work to get it back up there.. but its hard with mass amounts of bills to get a buffer back up. I'll need to figure something out there... and, I'm trying to save like crazy, too! I'm trying to sell my drumset, I am probably gonna try to sell my Matrix (paintball gun), and I've listed my old WRX wheels on the subaru forums, too... so hopefully that'll bring in some cash that I'll use for what I'm saving for. So yeah, I'm in a money crunch! But God Provides!!! (No, literally, he really provides, down to the dollar)

So, yeah, I'm so excited right now for our small group we're starting up, and I'm so excited whats going to start happening at NXG, too. Get plugged in everyone! We're going places, and we haveto change our generation.


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