Friday, March 17, 2006


my blog is back up FINALLY! That means I have internet access at my new condo.

Its a pretty cool setup- I've got a wireless router, and running off that I have a switch for my desktop and server. The wireless is nice, because we have three devices that are not very close, so it'd suck to run cable to them... I have a wireless adapter for the xbox, and my laptop has wireless built in. so thats nice.

But theres lots more going on than that! My goodness- if you ever buy a house or townhouse or condo, please beware... mortgage payments SUCK!!! And to top it off, assessment payments suck! And association fees suck! But other than that... life rules. Everything I have is a gift from God above, and he has blessed me so thoroughly. Man... oh man. God rules. I have my own place to live now! yay.

So, what else is new. Starting a cadre on friday nights. I am REALLY excited about that. God has given me so many scriptures, ideas, and words to share, and I know His presence will reign when we seek Him.

Good times. I'm so excited for what God is doing. I hope he continues to use me in every area possible. We've got a war to fight, and we need every person to help...

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Kat said...

Sounds like you're finally up and running. It must've been rough going w/o the connection for several weeks. I know how much you rely on your computer.

Thanks for your help on Sat!!