Tuesday, January 31, 2006

So- I was waiting to post another update on my blog until something very specific happened.

Well, it happened last friday, so I guess I'm a little behind. I was waiting for my official offer letter from Microsoft, to be full time salaried employee with benefits, vacation, stock, etc.

But I already knew it would happen, so when it did happen, it didn't surprise me or shock me, which might have gotten me to post a new blog sooner.

So yeah, I got my offer letter. I accepted, and I didn't counter-offer. A lot of the people I work with told me that I should counter offer, and after a few hours of that, it got me thinking that maybe I'm cheating myself out of money if I don't counter offer. But no, God will provide, he has, and he always will, and I do not doubt that one bit. I am so thankful for what he has done for me, and how he has blessed me, and it would tarnish that so much if I counter offered, in my opinion.

But I don't even feel like thats the exciting part of life for me right now. I've got the closing paperwork for my loan sitting on my desk at home, (I need to finish signing it, remind me if you can) and that is VERY exciting. They are going to try and close the deal early for me, because I'll be on vacation when its supposed to close. I'm going to have my very own place here soon.

But thats not the exciting part of my life, either.

Whats exciting is God working so fully through me. For the third week in a row I've prayed and prophesied over people. I've just been shocked and even more shocked as I hear the words come out of my mouth about tools God will equip people with to do his will, and pouring out the Holy Spirit into people, and watching it in turn pour out of them. Which, was prophesied over me by George about 3 or 4 months ago...

All of the prophesies in my life coming true are just so outlandish and crazy, because it always sounds too good to be true when someone does speak the word of God to you. "You will reach the people around you, you will pour out your passion and it will light other fires, you will mentor four people, you will not have problems or issues in your walk, because Jesus doesn't want to wait for you," and SO many more.. and they've all come true. And they are all still coming true.

It is so absolutely fantastic, wonderful and inspiring. I know now that when the bible talks about living in God's fullness for your life, the kind of peace you have. It really is one of the best kinds of feelings humans can achieve. What gets me the most: Its all about love. Thats it! It's so simple! It is ALL about love. God loves us so much, that he saved us. He gave us complete free will, complete free will. And I see why. If you were God, and you created people, if you, in the end, made them serve you, it wouldn't be free will. They wouldn't have done it because they want to, they would have done it because you made them. Thats why sin exists- because God gave us free will, and we can choose life or death. We can choose Heaven or Hell. Seems so painfully clear to me. In order for us to completely love him with all that we are, he gave us free will. The downside to that is, people that don't accept him, who ignore his word, and who choose sin. My heart aches for them! God has come to you and asked you to love him, and follow him, and he will cleanse you and take care of you. How simple is that!! Its all about love! The message of Jesus is so easy, and so simple. It really is.

As He is using me for His ministries, its been amazing because He is with me wherever I go. In whatever I do. As I continue to step into the man of God he has called me to be, I will stretch and pain, but I can't wait to be a real servant on this earth, known by my fruit. And its so crazy, as I draw closer to Him, the more He takes care of me! Cars, condos, jobs.. people. everything. CRAZY!! Its almost unbelievable! I trust in God with my time, and he plans it effectively. Its going to get even more filled in the future, but He will make sure I don't get burned out.

So, thats my post! Wow, I sense such a commonality with all of my posts lately. Good stuff. Oh, and on the more low-level front, my ulcer is starting to go away. It still hurts, but as people keep praying for me it keeps getting less and less, and I have been eating more and more. Pretty cool. I'm going to daytona, the 12th thru the 21st, for the daytona 500 (man, theres gonna be soooo many hicks there, haha) and I'll be moving into the condo probably end of feb/beginning of march, unless something changes there. I'm gonna need some furniture... oh, my car broke down, took me a thousand to fix it all up, but its running strong now (the prelude, not the WRX, ha), thats done. Got a haircut... :) My relationship with Rosemary is going pretty much as good as it possibly could be(the rest of that topic is saved for closed doors and open hearts), (Thanks God- you're the MAN) and, hmm, I'm starting up a friday night small group, don't have the details figured out yet, but thats cool. I'm going to be a leader in NXG after a re-org here in the next two days, and well, I think that gets everyone up to date on everything about Ricky pretty much.

Pray for me if you will! :)

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