Tuesday, January 10, 2006

One more area of my life is being blessed abundantly.

I've been searching for a condo to buy for the last 3 months or so- I've looked at maybe 6 or 7 in a very specific area/feature set, and on three of them I've been in bidding wars that I've lost (two of them I lost because the other people weren't playing fair).

I looked at two tonight. One was very modern, somewhat small, a little out of the way, and kind of... restrictive, in my opinion (no extra parking spots at ALL, no cell phone coverage at ALL, gates and locks everywhere, close quarters, crammed in, etc) and the second was...

exactly what I've been looking for. 1461 square feet, (yes thats absolutely huge for a condo) two bedroom, one and three quarter bathroom, a nice patio, three levels, a small deck off the master bedroom, lots of storage area, nice garage with more storage area, extra parking spots for visitors... PERFECT location, right smack in the middle of Tukwila, and a HALF BLOCK from the freeway entrance/exit. Its the very last condo in the entire complex, so the back deck doesn't have you looking into someone's living room, it just has some rocks and trees. It has ALL of the appliances with it. Washer, dryer, dishwasher, microwave, fridge, stove, etc... all for free.

And the best part of all... it is not listed on the market, its for sale by owner- friend of a friend type of deal, so there are no real estate fees (6% of total cost) so I'm getting about 15 thousand off, and another 5 thousand or so because if it was listed, it'd be listed quite high (very high demand area).

its SO expensive... but I talked to God about it. He told me he gave me the resources to live wherever I want to, within the means he has provided. I think I'll need to rent my 2nd room out, but I can do this.

Woo!! This is so crazy good, God has filled my cup to overflowing.

He's GOTTA be preparing me for quite the life, with this kind of blessing and honor.

Pour on God's Blessing! I'll take all I can get, and I'll just keep pouring it RIGHT back out!


Kat said...
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Kat said...

No question of the blessing of God on your life. He doesn't do things in a small way, or kinda bless you. When He blesses you, you know it.

I believe you'll be an amazing testimony. Not only of God's blessing, but also of how if you seek His desire, you can do ALL things through Christ.

The only thing that limits you is you.

An anonymous person once said "Luck is where opportunity meets preparation." While most people may say you're a lucky guy, you and I know it is because you've set your sights on a goal and worked towards that goal. Amazingly, that goal was one that was God-given and not something like wanting to be a movie star or tow truck driver; careers you've not been called to. It's unusual that you knew your calling so early in life. There's a lot of people who never know their calling. They continue to dream and never ever realize a single one. They never prepare or focus and set a plan into motion; thereby, they're not the "lucky ones."

You can be a beacon of how to focus; focus on your faith and focus on your goals. There are a lot of things people could learn this...

From you...

Anonymous said...

update your blog, mister!