Monday, December 18, 2006

car was broken into... passenger window smashed, laptop stolen, all my RC car stuff was stolen. The car is at a collision center now getting repaired, and I'm doing my front window while its there, too. I've been able to keep an alright attitude about it in my opinion, especially with all the extra work its created. Driving on 405 to 167 south for 25 minutes to take my car to the shop without a window was reallllly cold, hehe. The insurance company is not going to cover the laptop or any of my RC stuff, and the deductible for the broken window is 300. So I'm out another 300, and money was already tight for me. haha. Well, people have really stepped up to help me out, and made a collection to help get me a new RC car. I won't be able to get back into it with the kinds of stuff that was stolen, but at least I'll have a car. Working on getting Microsoft to replace the laptop, as well... thats slow going so far.

some people in the RC community have offered up some stuff to help me out, as well. Thats been a real blessing. The owner of the shop said he would give me a really good deal on a new car, so thats awesome. So far, christmas is going pretty good. If my car hadn't been bashed in, I would have enjoyed the power being out quite a bit more, but hey, such is life. Apparently lots of theft was happening in the area. My neighbor mentioned she saw quite a few cars with windows bashed in, and the denny's down the street was broken into, and some other stuff people have told me about. I'm not really surprised. No power, no alarms.

I might think twice about getting an alarm for my car. When I have money, that is. :)

God bless you all, and have a great Christmas. Don't forget why we celebrate Christmas, even if the corporate greed has taken over the holiday.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

We got our engagement photos taken yesterday. I think I look dumb in the majority of them, but I think Rosemary looks great in every single one. Of course, she disagrees. :)

Here is a taste:

If you want to see a more complete set:
go to
click on Client Area
Select Rosemary and Richard's engagement
the access code is roserich

Let me know what you think!

The wedding is NEXT MONTH!!!!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I bought a new car.


it'll do 0-30 in less than 2 seconds.

check it out.

I've broken it 3 times already... rebuilt the shocks already, put on new tires and wheels, and ordered some aftermarket parts. Its REALLY fun.

I've crashed it well over two dozen times already, and the body really shows it. I've rolled it 6 times in one wreck, I've had it do front flips, back flips, and it almost always lands back on its wheels. its awesome. I'm having a blast with it, and its great to have a cheaper hobby than my last one (paintball). Paintball was somewhere around 600 for my gun and some mods, another 400 in mask, tank, apparel, other gear, and 60-80 per day out.

This one, so far, is something around this: 200 for the car, 100 for upgrades/parts, 120 for charger and batteries. MUCH cheaper, and I sold some of my paintball gear, so I haven't even really spent anything. James bought one, Daniel got one, and Rod bought one. So theres 4 of us, all with electric RC cars, and theres a track thats only about 7 or 8 minutes away from my house. I still need to practice driving a bit more, and my car is currently broken... (I smacked a wall with my left front wheel at about 20mph, snapped a steering knuckle) but I've got this graphite kit on its way to convert my car to pure graphite and carbon fiber. Should handle a bit better.

Well, thats about whats going on.

Oh, and, my suby handles the snow like no other. I think all of my research habits really paid off there- I researched tires for 3 months before picking a set, and I'm GLAD I picked the ones I did. I can drive anywhere and do anything in the snow and ice with my subie. I ran up the James St. hill in kent at 30 mph, which had 2 inches of ice on it, with very little slipping, passing SUVs and 4x4s that were stuck on the side of the road. Man, this really reminds me why I bought this car. :D

Friday, November 03, 2006

Political commercials are hilarious.

They make extremely outlandish comments based off of hardly similar facts.
Say, if a republican does not support stem cell research, this will be said of them in an ad campaign:
"Republican senator so-and-so wants us all to be retards!"

Or, if a democrat is pro-choice, then it will look like this:
"Democratic senator so-and-so stabs little babies in the face with letter openers"

One very funny specific one I saw, was where someone was accussed of supporting a rapist (who would elect someone that would support a rapist?) and then had a 2 second clip of this senator stating "Well, the guy was really pretty smart," and it started fading out when you started to hear the rest of the sentence, that probably when on like this: "But he is a sick twisted nutjob who needs to be locked up."

I'll link you to that one for posterity.

*in no way does this blog post represent a political view whatsoever. No babies were harmed in the making of this blog. It is purely an observation based on common day society and the impact that ads have on our humanity. If there were no political attack ads by one group or another, the author would be curious to see if their poll ratings would actually increase, or decrease. If you are still reading this Author's note, then you can stop now.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

humpty dumpty sat on a wall.

Humpty dumpty fell off.

All the King's horses and all the King's men came up, luaghed at him, made political jokes about him, and told him to apologize to the community around the wall for his mess.

People in power suck.

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Where are you in this world? We need you more than we can possibly imagine, and the vast majority of us don't even know it.

Come quickly, and stop this world from spinning apart.
I am nearly losing it today.

Oh, it was just an average day, as usual- worked a little late last night, got to work this morning at a good ripe time of 9:30 or so... And, well, the mornings *always* start slow at microsoft (most people get in at 10 or later, and need their coffee and first few meetings of the day to start winding up) but today was a bit different. After lunch, (had a wonderful teriyaki dish- fried rice and spicy chicken) I was watching this little trailer for an awesome xbox game that is coming out, called Gears of War. It looks really cool, and it looks like it'll probably be the next best game for a very long time. The song they attached to the trailer was a bit of a memory from, what is a few years ago now. The song was "Mad World" from the movie Donnie Darko. Its the kind of song that talks about living in a mad world. So true, these days. The last time I heard that song was when I was with Amy. Well, I decided to mention it to Amy (she loved that song) and I love a good opportunity to talk to her. Well, before she had to go to work, she reminded me that I need to blog more. As everyone reminds me that actually reads this. I decided to glance at her blog to see whats up with her, see if she is doing alright, and of course, like the last 6 months, just a lot of little entries that don't mean much. But I just started hurting for her. I spent so much time trying to make her happy, so much time trying to share God with her, and I find it perfectly acceptable that she doesn't believe in God, especially after I got her to go to church as many times as I could. Ultimately, its people's choice, you can't make it for them- you just haveto do your due diligence and show them the way, they haveto walk it. But you know, in this world, everything is so messed up. I am sitting in a meeting right now for a big fancy schmancy release thats probably costing microsoft millions of dollars, etc, and I'm sitting here near tears over someone that I care deeply about, because I know the world has swallowed her whole. And then I go look at her boyfriend's blog, and then I go look at Mike's myspace, and then I look at the people in my life- my family members, my friends. Every page was full of hidden pain and loneliness and need. Need for something more.

And almost every single one of them is being swallowed whole by the world. Or they are struggling not to get consumed in it, but the grip of the world is stronger than... well, than anything, really.

Is there any decency? Is there any honor in the world? Surely I don't see it. I am sitting here breaking apart for people around me. The things of this world have gripped them harder than anything else in life, and there is nothing I can do about it. I sit here and see people struggle with lifelong issues, lifelong lies from Satan himself, designed specifically to ruin people and bring them down and rob them of an amazing life.

Only miracles can save these people now.



People I am praying for today:

I love these people from the bottom of my heart.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Dry things catch on fire easy.


I've been feeling a bit spiritually dry lately.

I mean, I still feel completely anointed and in love with God, and the fruits are totally in my life (miraculous prayers coming true mere hours after I pray them, awesome prayer times, great revelations)

not to mention my actions of sacrifice, and commitment to God are no less whatsoever, putting Him first in everything I do.

Life just gets so busy that the passion slowly gets leaked out of it sometimes. For me, its been wedding planning, work, working on my financial life (getting ready for marriage is a lot more than it seems- truly) and all of the other parts of life, that it just seems a bit like a routine after a while. Not that I'm not content or anything- I've basically got the best fiancée in the world, and I serve a living God (a lot more than most can claim..) and I've got awesome opportunities in every area of my life. So life is good, but, at this time in my life, leading up to marriage, preparing for a very new, very different lifestyle, I find myself in a season (christianese please) of my life where I am more concentrating on the details than the emotions. Which is fine, this stuff needs to get taken care of, and of course the experience of it all is necessary for my future. Serving God isn't always falling on your face and feeling broken. It's often obeying his will for your life in other areas that don't feel so emotional- being responsible, taking care of things, tithing. I mean, it doesn't make me feel especially close to God when I'm planning an NXG event or giving someone a ride back to church, but all in all- it is service to God. I guess my most intense feelings at this time are for Rosemary. Which makes sense- this is supposed to be some of the best times of my life.

Even when I'm standing up at the front worshipping and giving God my all- I feel like I am more aware of my surroundings and a little less plugged in than usual. Not that I'm not giving it my all, but more that I'm making sure the service is running alright and looking for opportunities to help the service or the people.

It feels like the practicalities of loving God are starting to rise to the top now, instead of the purely spiritual side of things. It sure does take quite a bit of maturity to walk through these learning periods with your devotions and services intact.

Love ya all,

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Alright, so, continuing on from the last post here.

The meaning of marriage.

Well, its pretty much to devote your life to one person faithfully in all areas until you die. Pretty much every set of marriage vows I've looked over pretty adequetly explain all of this. I wonder how people can talk themselves into saying those words and then somehow, someway, convince themselves they really meant nothing or were somehow invalidated. Okay, for example, here are some vows (probably not the ones I will use, but for example sake go with me here!):

I Bride take you Husband
To be my wedded husband.
I promise to share with you
In good times and in bad.
my love and my life.
I will love and comfort you,
Honor and respect you.
With you I will share
all my life has to offer:
My hopes, my dreams,
My achievements and disappointments
From this day forward,
Until death do us part.

I Groom take you Bride
To be my wedded wife..
I promise to share with you
In good times and in bad.
my love and my life.
I will love, protect and comfort you,
Honor and respect you.
With you I will share
all my life has to offer:
My hopes, my dreams,
My achievements and disappointments
From this day forward,
Until death do us part.

Okay. So, anywhere in there, do you see the words "Unless?"
Or do you see the word "sometimes?"
Or maybe, "When you feel like it" or "When strength allows"


It says til death do us part. No other reason could possibly part you two. At all. Now that, to me, is marriage. People can tell me time and time again that they divorced for this reason, or that reason, and yes it makes valid sense, but you know what? They broke their promise. They sinned,(Romans 7:2- "by law a married woman is bound to her husband as long as he is alive, but if her husband dies, she is released from the law of marriage.") according to the word of God that commands us not to divorce, and they went back on the second most important promise in their life. The first being, of course, choosing to follow God, if such a decision did occur in their life.

So how does one actually make that commitment that so many hundreds of millions have made, and broke, and re-insert meaning into it? Not easily, I assure you. Just like the words "I love you" in a Jr. High School, the word "Marriage" has really just turned into a giddy starry-eyed affectionate word, instead of carrying with it the power and sanctification that God created it for in the very beginning of mankind.

I was created for greatness by God himself, and I was not created for divorce. God never intended for humans to have divorce, and I will never let it mar the marrow of my bones or the flesh of my heart. Thats the commitment I will be making on January 27th to Rosemary, and we're thinking about having a really small, private ceremony, to have our own covenant of marriage with God that we can keep in the holiest part of our hearts, where marriage should have never left in the hearts of all humans.
So, I was about to post the definition of marriage on my blog, to show that it talked about lifelong commitment to just one person. I was thinking, how slick of me to prove a point that is so lost on this world these days.

Then, as my devious fingers finish typing in the word over at and the definitions come up, my smile fell, and a scowl of Mandy-like proportions came over my face.

Yes, the world has influenced the definitions of marriage, even in the good old Mirriam Webster dictionary. Nowhere could it be found that marriage is a *lifelong* commitment. And in fact, it even referenced divorce in the very definition of marriage.

I don't know whether this proves my point more, or less, to be honest.

You see, getting married in the new millenia is hard to do. I thought out a family tree to myself, and there were only two couples that had not been touched by divorce- my parents, and my grandparents on my father's side.

It is no easy task to be an honorable person these days. With moral relativity such a common thread among society, even in christian circles, anyone can find any reason to divorce at any time. This circumvents the entire reason to get married. In fact, a lot of really smart non-christian people are just not getting married, for fear of becoming yet another statistic of divorce. Rightfully so in my opinion- if you are worried about getting divorced, DON'T GET MARRIED! pretty simple, really.

So, in an effort to return some semblance of meaning to the idea of Marriage in my life, I have been having some interesting conversations lately. Conversations with atheists, conversations with my Fiance, conversations with moderate christians. I've pretty much come to the conclusion that the entire idea of marriage in our world is so far gone, so far corrupt, that it is near worthless.

I'm glad I'm not a part of the world, then. Whew. I'll follow this up with another post. Because people complain when my posts are too long. :)

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Rosemary comes home today. And its about time! And I saw a skunk hoping like a kangaroo in my back yard at midnight the other night.

I got a new CD player put in my car. it looks very cool. it sounds very cool. its very cool.

Time to go buy some flowers and maybe some chocolate and wait expectantly for the love of my life to get back.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

well, things sure have taken a turn for the worse.

Rosemary aint doin so hot, thats for sure... shes stuck a few thousand miles away, and she doesn't even know why she went in the first place any more. She misses me so much and feels so dead and so much pain that she doesn't even want to keep serving, she just wants to come home.

Oh, how I wish she could just come home... I miss her more than I could ever explain, and I just can't seem to operate very efficiently without her any more.
Since the day we started dating, we've only spent 10 days apart. and 8 of those days were when I was in florida, about, 8 months ago.

so, what, 10 days, out of... 250? and all of those days were definitely in the early part of our relationship. We've pretty much grown inseperable, and we pretty much need eachother. I guess that makes sense why we're getting married- thats the point, right? You find someone you can't live without, and then you hit them over the head and drag them back to your cave. Too bad things can get more complicated than that sometimes. :(

I feel like I'm in a bit of a no-win situation now, too. I tell her to stay, because I'd be robbing her of what God has for her down there if I didn't. She deserves what God has brought her there for- he sure does have good reasoning to be putting us through this much pain, thats for sure. But, I feel bad for telling her to stay, because our hearts just cry out with pain and it feels so unloving when I say that, even though its the exact opposite. But, if I told her to come back home now, I wouldn't really be able to look at myself in the mirror for quite a while. Its pretty darn selfish and not very honorable, integrous... it robs God of what he was trying to do here. Either way it sucks hardcore... and the worst part is, shes not here to help me through a tough decision kind of thing- she IS the decision. heh.

Well thats that. ugh... I can't live without her.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Good morning.

Well, its been.. oh, 12 days since Rosemary left.

I was thanking God for how well it was going about three days ago. It's quite different now. The Vegas trip did a *really* good job of taking my mind off of it all. I was so caught up in the strategy and mind games of Poker and other gambling, that my brain was all used up on that for the majority of the time. Sure, I still missed her like crazy, and wrote her letters and stuff. But now... its just worse.

I'm back at home now, and I see her stuff everywhere. Her earrings she left on my table, hair clips, the bottle of water she left in my car... shes everywhere. her handwriting is on everything. It feels like I'm at home, without the heart of the home there.

I just need to keep busy. oh, man I miss her. If I only had an extra 800 bucks I'd fly down there right now. :(

Friday, August 18, 2006

So, vegas was quite interesting.

Dad and I played in 8 different poker tournaments, and we got in the final table about half the time, and on pretty much every one we got past half the field of players or more. We had a blast, and we won some money at the poker tournaments, too. my very first tournament netted me almost 400 bucks, and I could have gotten more if I didn't decide to split four ways with the other 3 still in the tournament. The very next tournament, Dad got $241, too. We had a lot of fun. Man, Vegas is so crazy. It feels like a dream world. Coming back to seattle was strange, because it felt like Vegas was just such an unrealistic place. A place where normal things don't happen, and un-normal things are as common as oxygen. Large opulent casinos were a dime a dozen, with each one not sparing a single expense, and attending to every little detail with firm attention. We walked probably 3 or 4 miles a day for most of the days, and we saw some pretty crazy decor. I can't really describe a lot of what I saw, its just so large and garish that you've gotta see it for yourself to understand how big and gold and hand carved everything is. We also played some black jack (I lost every single time by great margins) some Craps (won about 100 total there) some Pai Gow (or however you spell it. played for 20 mins, lost 10 bucks... stopped being interested in that game). Some roulette, which I made good money on almost every single time I played, and some pretty silly slot games that were quite fun and passed the time while waiting for tournaments to start. Nightclubs were everywhere, risque shows were everywhere, the waitresses all dressed in low cut, short skirt outfits, which was unfortunate most of the time, because there are only so many girls that actually look any decent in them. I don't want to see large displays of cottage cheese, thank you. We walked around and saw almost all of the good casinos, all the good sights we could, and there was still a lot left over.

I had fun... and I'm done typing.
I miss Rosie.

Friday, August 11, 2006

I miss Rosemary.

Off to vegas I go for my 21st... excited to play some texas hold em tournaments, but its a little overshadowed by the fact that the person I love the most in this entire world is in a different continent with hardly any access to a phone or a computer to reach me with. for the next month.

I miss Rosemary.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

I suspect I'll be blogging a lot more in the next month...

Rosemary left for Costa Rica yesterday morning. I guess it still feels like only a couple hours ago- which is good, time seems to be passing by pretty fast.

So, on my 21st birthday, it was the last night Rosemary was in town for a month, the last night we'd get to spend with eachother for quite a while. So, naturally, we go to the marina, where we had our first (meaningful) date. We sat there and talked, like we've done on numerous other occasions. There were about a dozen or more other cars there as well, couples were everywhere. The marina is just the hangout place in des moines during the summer.

WELL, a cop pulls up behind me, parks his car, sits there for ten minutes, and then gives me a ticket for trespassing. You aren't supposed to be in the park after 10, according to a sign by the entrance. I look around at everyone else there... and get pretty frustrated. not wanting to land myself any other tickets I didn't really talk back to the cop at all, but Rosemary sure wanted to, so she asked why he didn't even ask us to leave or warn us. Great question... he mentioned the sign by the entrance, and walked off. All in all, a pretty freaking rediculous ticket, like pretty much every single one I've ever gotten. You know, its getting really hard to give the benefit of the doubt to these civil servants we pay with our tax money. Instead of keeping us safe and ridding the county of crime, they are busy giving middle income people tickets to boost their revenue, who pose no threat or danger to society. There is absolutely no accountability at all with cops, and its getting pretty rediculous in my opinion. I know that they deserve respect and their jobs can be dangerous... but not when they are busy pulling over commuters on their way to work to fine them for doing a few MPH over the limit. I mean, come on! Go find a meth lab in west seattle and bust it! I bet I could spot a dangerous looking situation in west seattle in less time than it takes to set up a speed trap. Good greif, what do we pay these people for? To ticket us? Is 10 over the speed limit in the left lane on a straight highway unsafe? I think not. And don't get me started on the insurance companies, who capitalize on the tickets massively.

So that was a *fantastic* time to get a ticket. on my birthday, on the last day I'm going to see my fiance for over a month. wonderful. And its a meaningless bogus parking ticket for 153 dollars. yay, go police, you rule.

I'm pretty sure I'll be talking about the meaning of life or something really deep in the next post. haha.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


today is my 21st birthday.

Normally, I wouldn't really care so much, its just another birthday. BUT, this world has really placed quite an importance on this arbitrary hurdle of an age.

As you all know, 21 is the legal drinking age. I don't really know why they picked 21 as the age. Over in europe, alcohol is commonly accepted as a household item and consumed by families- yes, children as well. Best part about that is, there are less people that abuse it over there. Less law, more control- makes you wonder sometimes about, if we put so many restrictions on ourselves, that we'll just figure out ways to break them, instead of letting the people restrict themselves out of common sense. Take the autobahn for instance... freeways in germany with no speed limits. they have about 150 accidents a year. I-90 has thousands of accidents a year, with a stringent speed limit ranging from 60 to 70. Interesting.

On this fair occassion, I am now legally allowed to drink. Well, seeing as my co-workers have been asking me to drink (good naturedly, of course) for the last two years, I decided to kind of humor them on this occassion. Its kind of a comraderie thing- they want to socialize and make me feel like part of the group, and unfortunately that means being accepted by drinking. Sad...

Well, I had a drink that was some sprite and some vanilla vokda, and it was actually not too bad. It was a very small drink, and I made sure to eat a full meal before hand so it didn't really affect me. And I kept it at one drink... not really interested in finding out the finer points of being "buzzed" or "drunk." Theres no value in embarassing yourself or the people around you and hurting yourself. Its amazing how thats just common sense thinking, yet no one thinks it anymore. That I see, anyway.

So, hopefully they feel like they've "initiated" me now, and they'll stop bugging me to drink, since the hype around it has dissipated. I guess I feel a little liberated being 21 years old, because all my life I've had to combat the communative thinking that age is a huge detractor to knowledge and skill. For as far back as I can remember, there have been people telling me that I'm too young, too inexperienced to do things. I think I've pretty much proven everyone wrong, to be honest. I have vivid rememberences of teachers, other kids, adults in my church, all chiding me for messing with something that I would "just break." To be honest, I did break a few things as I'd learn more and more, but... in every instance I can remember, God has really brought me success. I struggled with that age mentality quite a lot. I remember several times crying in my room at night, because I felt so worthless, all because of admonition from people that applied the stereotypical child mentality to me. It was also quite liberating when I built my first computer without any help, or when I passed my first certification. Or when I secured my position as an instructor for Microsoft Technology. And of course, lastly, securing my positions within Microsoft. If it wasn't for those huge successes that God has brought me through, I don't know if I would have had the heart to struggle through the trials. I must say, most of the pressure came from my peers who always felt threatened by my success. I'll leave that one alone. :) My parents gave me great encouragement as soon as I started showing lots of positive motivation, but before that... I can remember times where my mom would tell me that I'm the most unmotivated person she'd ever seen, and it frustrated her. Instead of motivating me, it just hurt me, and I guess I never felt unmotivated. Just not motivated in the direction she wanted. :) I was busy saving for the latest speakers or accomplishing a crazy feat in a super hard computer game, or writing a piece of code that would shut my computer down at 12:30am. It just wasn't outwardly visible, I suppose.

Well thats my supposition about being 21 so far, not more than 16 hours into it. :)

Friday, July 07, 2006

This is an interesting tidbit.

Probably one of the smartest people on this earth right now, Stephen Hawking, posed a question on the internet. This was his question:

"How can the human race survive the next hundred years? in a world that is in chaos politically, socially, and environmentally, how can the human race sustain another 100 years?"

Yahoo has validated that it is the real stephen hawking that posed the question.

I think its a very valid question- and I'm loving some of the answers. He already has 15,000 answers, and he posted the question 3 days ago.

I'm along the same beliefs as Stephen Hawking concerning our ability to sustain ourselves over the next 100 years. I think it will be near impossible. Our reasoning is slightly different though- he attributes most of it to environmental issues and political issues. When I think about how we are going to survive, I think more on the social side of things- morals, values, ethics. Without those things, we will turn into an anarchist kind of world, and it wouldn't surprise me at all. Call me a pessimist if you want, and some people do, but I just don't see how its possible to really go past 100 years or so. Lots of people have high hopes and faith in our race- but, when we stop lying to ourselves and look at humans, we're all sinners, we all suck at life. Look at the national debt averages. 12,000 in credit card debt per person. The most un-churched generation in the history of man-kind (all around the WORLD).

here is the link to Dr. Hawking's post.;_ylt=AtjblpXOSMXPaKrJ2N9lui8jzKIX?qid=20060704195516AAnrdOD

Please, comment if you like- I would love to see what everyone has to say about this.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

So, there is this microsoft gay pride month- hosted by GLEAM, or Gays & Lesbians At Microsoft.

So why do they have gay pride month here at microsoft, when they don't have a heterosexual pride month? What is more worthy of celebration- a a healthy gay couple, or a healthy marriage?

The idea of marriage has degraded exponentially in the past few hundred years in this country. I can't say for other countries- I don't live there, nor study the idea of marriage in them.

Take a look at marriage today. A relationship between a man and woman, and lets take the average nuclear family idea- which means you have a married couple, with two kids, one boy one girl. That is the average "nuclear family" according to US Standards.

Now, what is more worthy of recognition- a working, functional nuclear family, or a gay couple? To be honest, I am not degrading a gay couple. It probably takes a lot of work for one of those to function, too. But what relationship is truly holy matrimony designed by God?
With the ideas that people don't really need to get married, they can just live together- you don't really need marriage. Marriage is optional for a couple- the value of a piece of paper does not increase the amount of love between two people, not when everything that is supposed to exist in marriage is had by couples that are not married. See, thats why sex outside of marriage is so controversial- its designed to be inside a marriage for very explicit reasons. God didn't say dont do it because its bad, and leave it at that- there are very valid reasons for it. If people started having lots of sex outside of marriage, then the need for marriage kind of goes away when people start living together. Hence, many people I work with have had 7+ year relationships outside of marriage, never want to get married, and have been living together for years. They just don't really need marriage when they have all of that.

Not to mention the fact that marriage scares most people! Why does marriage scare people? Imagine committing to one person for the rest of your life- you are done, out of the game of dating and mating. Its all over. You can't do whatever you want, you haveto honor someone else now. And why would you want to get married when theres a 50% divorce rate? who wants to get divorced? Bah, no one does.

So say they do get married. Well, problems arise, and because the value of marriage is so low, its not as big of a deal to get a divorce any more. Its just common for people to be on their second or third marriage, and its just so much easier to get a divorce and call it "irreconcilable differences" than to actually stick to committing to someone- for 6 or 7 decades! Which is quite the feat, really, and truly a task to be done.

The value of committing to someone in that way is very high. People are scared of that kind of commitment. People get in that commitment, think its too hard, and break the commitment with divorce. People don't even need that commitment, when you can get all of the benefits with little of the downsides by living with someone. You can just up and leave whenever you want, and you get sex, and you get to still go to the strip clubs. See, whats not to like. One of the only benefits really is just tax reasons.

See, its quite understandable that marriage has gone truly down hill in this country. Its easy to see why.

But just imagine the great American dream- wonderful family, loving husband, respectful wife, two kids, nice cars, nice house, nice lawn. Who doesnt want that. Who wants to actually work that hard to get that, and make it good? And how many people that have that are acting?

In conclusion,

I want a Marriage Pride Month at microsoft, that honors how hard it really is to have an amazing marriage, including the sacrifice it takes to get it.


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

last thursday I woke up and got dizzy, smacked my head against the door, and have felt dizzy since. Went to the doc, he prescribed some medicine... that makes me incredibly tired! I feel like I haven't slept in 3 days. I'm sooo tired....

My boss had a private one on one meeting with me today, telling me he wants me to take on three projects in addition to my current project. And one of those projects is the biggest project in our entire division. Great opportunity for growth, but its also an opportunity for lots of weekend work. Its a hard situation- on one hand, it will directly influence my performance review, salary, and stock awards- on the other hand, my life doesn't really let me work the weekends too much. and my health is already down the tube. I remember last time I hit crunch mode for a project- I got really sick for a long time. With all this, on top of 3 ministries at the church (each of them being fairly time consuming) its a little much. A good friend of mine mentioned that to me, and told me I need to work on my health first... with wedding planning, as well, it sounds like I might need to put something on hold for a while.
I'll be praying about it, for sure.



Monday, June 12, 2006

So it looks like we nailed down one huge planning bit: we're going to have the wedding at new heart. Yay. Just haveto finish filling out the paperwork for it... a lot cheaper than we had budgetted for, so now we can have a better wedding by allocating the cash towards other areas. :) yay.

Just one of many many big decisions done...

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Daniel declined to be in my wedding party.

What a supreme sense of loss.

And Danica and Rosemary were right there when he told me, listening to the whole thing. They were more shocked than I was.

Monday, June 05, 2006


So, not much is new here... Mandy & Mom have been gone for over a week now, and Daniel is a wreck. :) I don't envy him, and I absolutely do not look forward to Rosemary being gone for twice as long. God is my strength, God is my strength... woo boy. I'll make it :) I'll just haveto keep myself occupied as much as possible, I guess. Was thinking about starting to work out while shes gone, maybe pick up a new game... and definitely read more of my bible and write more sermons. I'm hoping her being gone doesn't affect my attendance to the friday night small group :(

Overall, things are: okay. We are starting to work on wedding planning ideas. Since our budget isn't overly large, we are looking at just doing a dessert only thing, instead of a full meal- maybe a chocolate fountain or something cool. We've kind of drafted up a family guest list... and we still need to work on the friends guest list, but things are progressing. We still need to do some of the more major stuff though, such as finding a location and booking it. We're still thinking january 27th for the date, as well- and more of an afternoon wedding, say 1pm or so. Gives you enough time to prepare in the morning, and enough time to... um... clean up, afterwards.

We sure have gotten enough advice for a lifetime, heh. :) Its hard to listen to it all, though- because if we took everyone's advice, we wouldn't get married until 2009, we could only see eachother 3 days a week, and Rosemary would be gone for a year anyways. Doesn't work for me. No way. :) I am wayyy too in love with that girl to put off the most important thing in my life. And waiting SUCKS! hehe. :)

If you are of the Christian faith, toss a prayer up for me. I could always use it. Ministry is hard, sometimes. :)


Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Got my new brakes on.

They are nice.

I painted them red.

They stop fast. and look cool.

Being engaged is pretty interesting. Lots of new things to worry about. Lots of new concepts, ideas, priorities. Its hard to get them right, despite trying our hardest. :) It is a blessing from God, and the most amazing thing in the world! I'm really glad we have people to look up to in our lives to help show us the path. And I'm so glad God's hand is on our relationship. It makes a world of difference, thats for sure! :)

It's a juggling act- all the things we need to do. Wedding planning. Family events. Meeting everyone. Counselling. Ministry. Spending time with friends. Man, when you're engaged, its hard to do all of that! I'm sure some people feel a little left out, and I'm sure we're forgetting other things, too. Its a true balancing act. Not just with our time, but with everything. With each relationship, we haveto listen and hear people, but we've got to forge our own decisions and paths, instead of taking what people have for us. We've got to take all of the advice of everyone around us, take it with a little salt (or a lot in some cases) and find what God wants for us. Seeking Godly counsel is absolutely critical, and sometimes it hurts a bit when you realize you aren't treating something exactly the way it should be. Or when you realize you can't make everyone happy.

In the midst of it all is a supreme excitement about married life. I am absolutely in love with Rosemary, and I want to spend the rest of my life with her, and I am soooo excited about that. I'll do whatever it takes, really. It makes all of this struggle and work absolutely worth it, and pale in comparison to the rewards.

I want to start preaching, too. That takes a LOT of time in the word and time with God, which I totally want to pour into (even more). I've got lots of passionate things to preach about. I need to find time to write these into sermons. I will probably start doing these on the friday night small group sessions.

Love everyone that takes the time to read this.


Thursday, May 11, 2006

well... an update on the car. cuz thats exciting. Instead of buying the accessport (tuning chip) I'll be doing a full stage 2 brake upgrade. Why? Because, part of the 60k maintenance (which is drawing near) is redoing the brakes... so to save cash, instead of redoing the brakes with stock parts, I'll be doing it all with stage 2 parts (two birds with one stone, an upgrade, and maintenance). It'll come out to about the same cost as an accessport, and it'll look pretty cool, too. I'll haveto wait a while to get the accessport, then, which is sad... but I'll deal. I'm sure I'll have the car for a long time, time enough to do everything I want to it. (I hope)

Okay- now on to the other stuff. Mike is now "officially" the best man for my wedding. And thats all we have planned for the wedding so far! Woohoo.

Every friday night, we have a small group/prayer meeting. Its been going absolutely *awesome*. God is showing up and healing people, calling people back to Him, challenging people, raising faith, and all sorts of other amazing great things. I'm really excited about this ministry, being the first one that I've ever really led by vision. I've always been parts of other people's dreams, but this one.. this one is kind of one God gave to me. That feels really special to me, and I'm running with it as fast as I can. I've had other ministries that I've led- such as Christians in Action club at Mt. Rainier- but I always felt like that was more of a training ground for me than a vision. Well here we are, in full swing. I need lots of prayer support with all of this new vision coming into my life and all of this stuff going on. Man, I'm still getting used to having my own place...

God's AMAZING, is all I can say. He's just given me everything I could ever dream of.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Sold the prelude.

Taking some of the money and (trying) to buy an accessport for my car... should get me another 25 horsepower or so. yay! I'm really excited about that. Unfortunately, pretty much everyone is out of stock on them.

I sold it to my cousin Matthew, who is in desperate need of a solid, reliable car. And he wants a quick car too, so that fits the bill. I'm excited to help someone out like that... Back to the subie as a daily driver. Maybe I'll look at getting another daily driver after january or so...

Man, I don't even know where to begin to start planning for a wedding. I'm glad I'm a guy, at least I have an excuse. heh. :)

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Wow... Just wow. Most amazing, wonderful, beautiful, silly girl in the world. It's pretty exciting, having such a monumental next step in my life.

A lot of people are fairly worried about it- the fact that we're so young, or that its only been 4 months of real dating.

You know, it sure doesn't happen a lot, but sometimes people just know, without a doubt, that they are the one, and that they want to spend the rest of their lives with eachother. I really feel like that is the case here. I mean, you hear the stories sometimes of people that get married after 3 weeks and live happily ever after, with a fantastic marriage. Sometimes it happens, and its rare.

You know, the odds may be against us, but God is with us. I mean, every single aunt and/or uncle I've had has been in divorce! On BOTH my mom's side, AND dad's side! Thats NUTS! Something like a 90%+ divorce rate in my family. I know how hard this is going to be- but you know what? I'm not going to get a divorce. This curse, on this nation, and maybe even in my family, will not live in my life. Its just not going to happen. I won't let it- I've seen it ruin too many lives, and I am determined to live a different life, one that God has called me to live, where divorce doesn't exist. I'm not worried about it, to be honest. I've got confidence in my relationship, in my integrity, my ability to submit to God.

What does suck though is how much it costs! My goodness. and I thought money was tight when I put everything towards a condo... boy was I wrong! Pretty things are expensive! and of course you want pretty things at your wedding. Sposed to be one of the best days of your life!

I wonder if anyone really reads this thing any more. :)

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Wow, I have this desire to blog, but I don't know what I should write about...
So, I'm strapped for cash right now! I had a few expenses come at me out of the blue... I usually have some extra money as a buffer in case stuff like this happens, which is great, cuz it did! But now my buffer is... nonexistant. :( sad. I'll haveto work to get it back up there.. but its hard with mass amounts of bills to get a buffer back up. I'll need to figure something out there... and, I'm trying to save like crazy, too! I'm trying to sell my drumset, I am probably gonna try to sell my Matrix (paintball gun), and I've listed my old WRX wheels on the subaru forums, too... so hopefully that'll bring in some cash that I'll use for what I'm saving for. So yeah, I'm in a money crunch! But God Provides!!! (No, literally, he really provides, down to the dollar)

So, yeah, I'm so excited right now for our small group we're starting up, and I'm so excited whats going to start happening at NXG, too. Get plugged in everyone! We're going places, and we haveto change our generation.


Friday, March 17, 2006


my blog is back up FINALLY! That means I have internet access at my new condo.

Its a pretty cool setup- I've got a wireless router, and running off that I have a switch for my desktop and server. The wireless is nice, because we have three devices that are not very close, so it'd suck to run cable to them... I have a wireless adapter for the xbox, and my laptop has wireless built in. so thats nice.

But theres lots more going on than that! My goodness- if you ever buy a house or townhouse or condo, please beware... mortgage payments SUCK!!! And to top it off, assessment payments suck! And association fees suck! But other than that... life rules. Everything I have is a gift from God above, and he has blessed me so thoroughly. Man... oh man. God rules. I have my own place to live now! yay.

So, what else is new. Starting a cadre on friday nights. I am REALLY excited about that. God has given me so many scriptures, ideas, and words to share, and I know His presence will reign when we seek Him.

Good times. I'm so excited for what God is doing. I hope he continues to use me in every area possible. We've got a war to fight, and we need every person to help...

Thursday, February 23, 2006

My heart breaks for Justin and his family right now... he just lost one of his dear sisters. I wish I had something more sincere and meaningful to say to him, because he is such an amazing wonderful man of God, I want to encourage him and bring him peace, but only God can do that.

Please, please... pray for him and his family. I can't even qoute him any scriptures... because he knows them all, and has hid them in his heart. All I can do is send my prayers.

Man, I'm sitting in the most boring meeting of my life, and my heart is pouring out.

This is the kind of time, when the church needs to rise up in support and carry those that have fallen, or been struck down.

Thats the kind of community I want to be a part of...

Friday, February 10, 2006

I signed the paperwork on my condo on wednesday. I had to pay the closing costs and downpayment thursday, and the deal closes (gets noterized by the government) today. Technically, I should get the keys to my new place today, but the lady I am buying it from still lives in it. So shes gonna pay me for the days she still lives in it until she moves out. I have a feeling when I get back from my vacation I'll be able to move in, too. I'm so excited, yet at the same time a its a tiny bit scary. Of all the growing up hurdles, this is one of the biggest. I am very excited to have my own kitchen to cook and my own living room to play around in, but I am not so excited about learning how to keep a house running. (Mom, how do you manage it?)

:) Goodtimes.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I sign the closing paperwork for my condo tonight!!! WOOT!

I have my very own place to live. Lets hope it doesn't get lonely or something like that. I think I have enough weirdos in my life to keep it interesting. :)

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Going to Daytona here soon! Woo! I'm actually starting to get excited now. I'll have a tan WAY before everyone else, haha. I hope all of the beer swilling farm boys don't aggravate me while I'm there. :) I look forward to laying in the lazy river for like, all day.

God is awesome.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

So- I was waiting to post another update on my blog until something very specific happened.

Well, it happened last friday, so I guess I'm a little behind. I was waiting for my official offer letter from Microsoft, to be full time salaried employee with benefits, vacation, stock, etc.

But I already knew it would happen, so when it did happen, it didn't surprise me or shock me, which might have gotten me to post a new blog sooner.

So yeah, I got my offer letter. I accepted, and I didn't counter-offer. A lot of the people I work with told me that I should counter offer, and after a few hours of that, it got me thinking that maybe I'm cheating myself out of money if I don't counter offer. But no, God will provide, he has, and he always will, and I do not doubt that one bit. I am so thankful for what he has done for me, and how he has blessed me, and it would tarnish that so much if I counter offered, in my opinion.

But I don't even feel like thats the exciting part of life for me right now. I've got the closing paperwork for my loan sitting on my desk at home, (I need to finish signing it, remind me if you can) and that is VERY exciting. They are going to try and close the deal early for me, because I'll be on vacation when its supposed to close. I'm going to have my very own place here soon.

But thats not the exciting part of my life, either.

Whats exciting is God working so fully through me. For the third week in a row I've prayed and prophesied over people. I've just been shocked and even more shocked as I hear the words come out of my mouth about tools God will equip people with to do his will, and pouring out the Holy Spirit into people, and watching it in turn pour out of them. Which, was prophesied over me by George about 3 or 4 months ago...

All of the prophesies in my life coming true are just so outlandish and crazy, because it always sounds too good to be true when someone does speak the word of God to you. "You will reach the people around you, you will pour out your passion and it will light other fires, you will mentor four people, you will not have problems or issues in your walk, because Jesus doesn't want to wait for you," and SO many more.. and they've all come true. And they are all still coming true.

It is so absolutely fantastic, wonderful and inspiring. I know now that when the bible talks about living in God's fullness for your life, the kind of peace you have. It really is one of the best kinds of feelings humans can achieve. What gets me the most: Its all about love. Thats it! It's so simple! It is ALL about love. God loves us so much, that he saved us. He gave us complete free will, complete free will. And I see why. If you were God, and you created people, if you, in the end, made them serve you, it wouldn't be free will. They wouldn't have done it because they want to, they would have done it because you made them. Thats why sin exists- because God gave us free will, and we can choose life or death. We can choose Heaven or Hell. Seems so painfully clear to me. In order for us to completely love him with all that we are, he gave us free will. The downside to that is, people that don't accept him, who ignore his word, and who choose sin. My heart aches for them! God has come to you and asked you to love him, and follow him, and he will cleanse you and take care of you. How simple is that!! Its all about love! The message of Jesus is so easy, and so simple. It really is.

As He is using me for His ministries, its been amazing because He is with me wherever I go. In whatever I do. As I continue to step into the man of God he has called me to be, I will stretch and pain, but I can't wait to be a real servant on this earth, known by my fruit. And its so crazy, as I draw closer to Him, the more He takes care of me! Cars, condos, jobs.. people. everything. CRAZY!! Its almost unbelievable! I trust in God with my time, and he plans it effectively. Its going to get even more filled in the future, but He will make sure I don't get burned out.

So, thats my post! Wow, I sense such a commonality with all of my posts lately. Good stuff. Oh, and on the more low-level front, my ulcer is starting to go away. It still hurts, but as people keep praying for me it keeps getting less and less, and I have been eating more and more. Pretty cool. I'm going to daytona, the 12th thru the 21st, for the daytona 500 (man, theres gonna be soooo many hicks there, haha) and I'll be moving into the condo probably end of feb/beginning of march, unless something changes there. I'm gonna need some furniture... oh, my car broke down, took me a thousand to fix it all up, but its running strong now (the prelude, not the WRX, ha), thats done. Got a haircut... :) My relationship with Rosemary is going pretty much as good as it possibly could be(the rest of that topic is saved for closed doors and open hearts), (Thanks God- you're the MAN) and, hmm, I'm starting up a friday night small group, don't have the details figured out yet, but thats cool. I'm going to be a leader in NXG after a re-org here in the next two days, and well, I think that gets everyone up to date on everything about Ricky pretty much.

Pray for me if you will! :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

One more area of my life is being blessed abundantly.

I've been searching for a condo to buy for the last 3 months or so- I've looked at maybe 6 or 7 in a very specific area/feature set, and on three of them I've been in bidding wars that I've lost (two of them I lost because the other people weren't playing fair).

I looked at two tonight. One was very modern, somewhat small, a little out of the way, and kind of... restrictive, in my opinion (no extra parking spots at ALL, no cell phone coverage at ALL, gates and locks everywhere, close quarters, crammed in, etc) and the second was...

exactly what I've been looking for. 1461 square feet, (yes thats absolutely huge for a condo) two bedroom, one and three quarter bathroom, a nice patio, three levels, a small deck off the master bedroom, lots of storage area, nice garage with more storage area, extra parking spots for visitors... PERFECT location, right smack in the middle of Tukwila, and a HALF BLOCK from the freeway entrance/exit. Its the very last condo in the entire complex, so the back deck doesn't have you looking into someone's living room, it just has some rocks and trees. It has ALL of the appliances with it. Washer, dryer, dishwasher, microwave, fridge, stove, etc... all for free.

And the best part of all... it is not listed on the market, its for sale by owner- friend of a friend type of deal, so there are no real estate fees (6% of total cost) so I'm getting about 15 thousand off, and another 5 thousand or so because if it was listed, it'd be listed quite high (very high demand area).

its SO expensive... but I talked to God about it. He told me he gave me the resources to live wherever I want to, within the means he has provided. I think I'll need to rent my 2nd room out, but I can do this.

Woo!! This is so crazy good, God has filled my cup to overflowing.

He's GOTTA be preparing me for quite the life, with this kind of blessing and honor.

Pour on God's Blessing! I'll take all I can get, and I'll just keep pouring it RIGHT back out!

Monday, January 09, 2006

well, I've got my answers. I don't know if I can even explain whats happened in between my last post, dec. 28th, and this day. I'll give it a shot though, because thats kind of the purpose of a blog. :)

That night, after I posted my blog, I wrote a letter to God concerning my question I was deathly afraid of. Before I was even finished writing it, I had my answer. My confusion went away, and I had God's peace. I slept like a baby. I've got God's hand on my life, and he showed me that. I am walking in his light. Thats what I needed to know. Why?

In all of my life, I have sought to do the right thing. I hate faulting, I hate tripping up, I hate going down fruitless hurtful paths. I don't want to pursue things that don't have God's will in them, because they are just a waste of time. hurtful relationships, mostly- because its so easy to start trusting someone, even when its not God's will or direction. Why? Well, God commands me to love everyone... and so I do. So I had to know that he wanted me to place my hand in hers, and to really enter in to a relationship. I had to know, that God is with me.

Thats why.

So, since that night, its just been worship. Worship for God, because he is good. How many millions of times have I proclaimed him as my Savior, my Shepherd, my King. And look, look what he has led me to.

Because of that, I worshipped him. And then, I looked around, and I seized the moment- I decided to ask of God. I decided to humble myself before his throne, and lay my requests at his feet. Because he had given to me, so I prayed that he make his gifts fruitful, powerful, heavenly, other-worldly. Because I am not a product of this world, I am a product of God, and I do not live by this world's standards. And so the fruit I want in my life, I ask for it to be holy, pure, sanctified, righteous, supernatural. He has given me everything I've ever asked of him, and so now, I go to him and lift him up in praise, and ask him for his Glory in every area of my life. Ask and you shall receive! And so I ASK of my maker.

Its not just one area of my life that has been so abundantly blessed. Its been
every area. Look, let me show you.

I have an interview date for Tuesday, January 17th, for a full benefits salaried position at microsoft. Umm, ever since I was stinkin ten years old I wanted to work at microsoft, to have that blue badge. I worked SO HARD at it since I had that first dream. I got certified at a young age, I tore computers apart, put them back together, I learned strange programming languages, I volunteered at tech schools, I did pretty much everything I could to get here. But it wasn't all that work of mine that brought me here, it was God. He paved the way. I'm a little anxious for my interviews, but I know, as God is my Saviour, that his plans will be done.

Or, or, in my service to God- I'm starting in a new role as a leader of a men's group at church. God placed me smack in the middle of a leadership role, and I didn't even realize what he was doing until I was there. And then, he BLESSED me in it- he took the passion he has given me, and he poured it over these men of God, and I tell you, he showed up. I've never felt so anointed in my life, than last night, when I laid hands on people, and we praised God for his goodness because of what he had done.

I never knew God planted that in me. It shocked me.

You know, if you are reading this right now, and you're thinking "what a crazy Jesus Freak." I would say to you, you are absolutely right. And you'll never find the fullness and greatness of God until you seek after it with your whole heart and ALL of your actions. Go back, and read my blog from a couple months ago. Where I came upon the realization that I was crawling in my christianity. And then I said, that I will learn to walk my path- and not crawl. Boom, here it is.

I've never experienced this kind of fullness pursuing the world. And nobody will.

That was probably a pretty long post. :)