Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Have you ever touched your tongue to a 9 volt?
Have you ever touched your tongue to a CAR BATTERY?

I haven't either- but now I know what it feels like! Feels like my stomach is gonna float off without me- all the flutterbys in it. Or stomach eating moths. Or killer bees?

I'm so happy that I can sit down with a bible in my lap and apply it to my life- every area of my life. The consistancy of that has been what has provided me with answered prayers and prophesies of miracles unheard of- and this new leaf I am turning over is just a part of that. It makes me feel like I, WE, have a purpose far beyond what we could ever dream of. I know God has things in store for me, he will make me grow, learn, stretch me, push me, make me a better servant. I can't even explain it any more.

It is so overwhelming- I'll need to take a night and just write it all out. I doubt it'll be on my blog, but it'll be on paper by my bedside.

There is a question that I'm deathly afraid to ask God. I'm scared of the answer. I'm scared of the question. I'm scared of... what it really means.

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KristieSue said...

Wow. I'm in my place. I've been bummed all day something didn't go as I thought it would. My husband was supposed to get this really good job and we were told today he didn't. I've been feeling lost and like I can't find the direction God wants me to go. This blog I found just like the other one cause I was looking for paintball interests and now I have encouragement to dig into the word of God and find his new dircetion for my life. God Bless.