Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Woo. So.

I'm so glad, that no matter what happens, I can always fall back here and write things. Pretty much nobody reads it, so I can vent a bit and still feel not so guilty about venting to people and leaning on them.

So, the move to sammamish was crayzayyy. It started off great, shared a big nice open cube with one other guy, was right next to all the fun people that I need to be next to, etc. Then, the managers had to move people around because some of the people were complaining ( my boss especially... I'll get to that later). So we all moved, to acommodate the people that wanted their own cubicle, or whatever requests they had. After I set all my stuff up. Gah! So I start packing up, and three people run over and start putting there stuff on my desk before I'm done moving. I got a little testy and said "Hey, can you wait until I'm done, that way its easier?" hehe. Maybe not so testy, but I felt testy inside. So I move to this new cubicle... which happens to be across the entire building, and lo and behold three people are still occupying it. So I just park the move cart and walk off, deciding to grab lunch with some friends to cool down. Well, go figure, the cafeteria has the exact same items to offer as my old cafeteria. Joy. So I get back from lunch, attend some meetings (where everyone is still mad because of the move), get pushed around a bit by managers that don't know how to do their job, and then by 3 my cubicle has been vacated, but left there is a bunch of junk. Empty cans, some fans, cords, etc. So I move all that stuff out, and start setting my stuff back up. I said to myself, OK, no biggie- I'll get set up and it'll be fine, I'll have a nice place. Then, two people come in, both on my build team... to sit in this cube with me. One guy that I've been training for the last two months to replace me on a project, who can't stop asking me questions he should already know the answer to, (or tell me war stories), and a sweet little indian girl who has some amazing (not in a good way) body odor. (Remember, I'm venting here, so I'm allowed to be grumpy)

Ok, ok... thats ok... until:

| Me|
| Fat Guy |
| |
|girl ____|

So as you can see, the fat guy decides to sit right in between the girl and I. Well thats fine. I am small. Until he decides to move his elbows, or try to get up, or breathe. In those cases, he is less than six inches away from me, or touching me. That, I cannot stand. Its cool to be cramped- but I don't like touching old fat guys. Or when he decides my phone is now his personal phone for all phone calls he decides he should make. Bah!

I tried to start the day well but it just didnt work. And during all of this move fiasco, I had to make sure two deployments were going well, and mop up after the guy I am training made some pretty ugly errors (which falls on my head, since I'm lead). And I get called on the way home to be told about the errors that were made that I am responsible for. Sweet!

Oh and my boss is extremely mad and wants to quit. I saw him fixing up his resume, and he left early to attend a job event for the xbox team. Quite the morale booster when your boss doesn't even want to stay, and he tells you.

Gah. And that was justwork!


I think myspace is just another form of drug. Hear me out! I logged on for a sec yesterday, and it just gave me this sickly feeling.

People use it to feel loved. Read their screen names. Look at their pictures. These people, they want to be loved. They have this giant gaping need in their lives- like everyone. Some try drugs to fill it, some try alcohol, some try bar hopping/clubs, some get lost in whatever they can find to look for some love. Gosh, I wish I could just show them all God's love for them. Its more than they can imagine, and its more than they can ever find with myspace, drugs, alcohol, bars. It makes me so sad to see these people chasing after Ghosts put before them, only to never be able to reach what they are running towards. Because it's not there, its an illusion.

So yah, that was my Ricky Rant (tm) for the day I guess! hmm, what else... I guess I need to work on my resume, because I'll be going through the interview loop here soon for the FTE position. I had a wonderful chat with one of the higher ups that I really trust about my situation, and I feel good about what we talked about, but I've definitely got a lot in front of me. I was blessed by being hired at microsoft at barely 19. His specific words that really struck me, after the conversation was pretty much over was this: "Minh gave you an amazing opportunity to start here at the age of 19. Don't waste it on a dead-end build job." I take that to heart, because its so true! I can go blue now, and I might get stuck in a build position that might take me years to move out of. And those are the years I need to be going higher very fast to make my unique situation well worth it. He told me I need to look around for better options- stay contract, find a different group, find something I can really excel at. I've really excelled at my build job in the past year. Far beyond what I could have hoped for. And I've got to keep excelling, and not find myself in a weak spot without a lot of movement. I think thats in the cards, but I've got to keep my eyes open and make my moves carefully. Man, being in this industry is very political and back-stabby, because it takes a lot to move up a lot. Good times!

So enough about work!! hmm. So Daniel, George and I started working on our percussion special for the service on the 18th, "The Giver." It should be quite fun. We've got some awesome ideas, and maybe we'll throw in some comedy. :)

So thats all the surface stuff with Ricky over the last two days. God, I pray for your gifts of wisdom and understanding, and I pray for the passion you've given me, because it runs deeper than blood and stronger than rapids, and I give you the glory in my life. I ask for your peace in my life right now. I ask for trials to be met with humble success, and I ask for your love in everything I do. Oh, and, I ask for patience. Because only in your timing will your works be complete. Amen.

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