Sunday, December 18, 2005

I've got a lot to blog about! It's been a good 11 days since the last blog.

I don't really know where to start, but I'll start with what occupies my mind more. I am now in a relationship, and its not like any I've ever experienced before. I feel awkward again. I feel confused again. I haven't really felt that way since I was sixteen or so. I find myself looking at what I say and just laughing at my fumbling bumbling self. I haven't blushed this much in years. I haven't babbled to friends with excitement like this... ever. I feel so silly and awkward, like a puppy that has ears longer than its legs and it keeps tripping over itself to get somewhere. We had kind of a rough start to be honest- but the fact that we started off on the right foot, with banners of trust and communication has really seen us through thus far, and most likely will see us through more situations. All in all, God's will be done, and it just makes me want to praise him more and give him my all in everything I do. I'm sure this awkward time will pass, and I can't wait to have a wonderful relationship based off of scripture and God's will. I don't think I've ever experienced that before, and that excites me. I'm not in love or anything, but I am excited to pursue a Godly relationship. I hope I don't screw anything up!! Knowing me, I will. hehe. But my trust is in God.

So the next thing is, my living situation. I put an offer down on a condo friday, for a hundred and ninety-thousand dollars. holy smokes! I can't believe I just offered to pay someone that much money for something. Its a great place though. Two bedroom, two bath, one car garage, nice and spacious... 1260 square feet. Not bad at all. I'm excited, and I hope I get it. I'm a tad nervous about getting the loan, and having that level of payments due every month. I'll need to save up some buffer in case something happens, because with the condo it won't leave me with much money left over per month. Until my car insurance goes down at least...

In conclusion, I need to continue to put my trust in God, and I need to continue to build my faith. There is nothing more important than that, and he will lead me beside still waters and make me lie down in green pastures. He will take care of me, because his love for me is greater than any love this world has or ever will have.

I'm excited to pursue what God has set before me.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad things are going good for you! and you know you love that awkward blabbery feeling you get in the begining of a relationship. Remember you can always still talk to me about anything, I'll always be there for you.
ok, sappiness done.