Monday, December 19, 2005

Hmm- kind of an interesting situation this morning.
I've got some conflicted emotions right now. I'm feeling a little bummed about the condo, I think maybe I let Daniel get too excited about it, and it kind of built it up in my mind- which was a let down, because my offer was declined (two other offers on the same day, and the real estate agent was the buyer and seller's agent, meaning she gets twice the money if that offer goes through). So that kinda struck a chord! But its no big deal really, I'll find a better one. :)
And, the guy I sit with in my cubicle, who I've been training for a couple months now... it just isn't working very well. He's had this build for 3 1/2 weeks, and it still isn't done. People are wondering, and it looks like I need to step in and get it done. Hes a older fellow, and he is very insecure, so when I started trying to help him out with the build he felt a little hurt because he couldn't do it himself. He kinda threw out a few excuses about the instructions and stuff, and he is constantly saying "I'm sorry" and things like, "I am a technical person, if I can't figure it out it must not be my fault, its just bad instructions" and stuff like that. But every time he gets stuck, for like, a whole day, it takes me 30 seconds to fix it. Bah! It's aggravating me a bit. I'm trying to encourage him and give him confidence, but there is only so much I can do. He is asking me if I'm going to "let him go" or if he is "not a good match for this job." bah. Whats worse is, he is a kind hearted christian guy with a family. Tough.

Yesterday was fantastic though! We did a drum special at church, first service went off flawlessly, and second service was hilarious, my drum kept falling off the box it was on. hahahaha, I had such a hard time keeping a straight face. It messed up George too, he was too busy trying not to laugh and he missed our one measure rest. We laughed about it back stage for 10 minutes :) Then we had a christmas party- and that was great, but my mind was elsewhere. It was good to hug all the family members again though. And the rest of the night was... fantastic. :) Best evening in a very long while.

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