Monday, November 28, 2005

I wake up to my alarm blaring, as usual. But today, it didn't seem so harsh. A few very pleasant thoughts greeted me as I layed in bed, and it was a great start to a day. I get in my car, crest the hill I live on, and there is a beautiful city scape of Kent, all white with frost. It was quite a sight. I get a few minutes out, and my work buddy calls me up and says hey, lets carpool. I happened to be just a couple minutes away from our meeting spot, so I swung by and we met up, and blew by about an hour of traffic that was sitting there gridlocked.

I get in to work, and most everyone around me is grumbling about having to move to the Sammamish campus (its cubicles and most people will haveto fit 4 or 5 to a cubicle) but it doesn't bother me one bit, because I am blessed with my job and I am honored at becoming FTE. And I'll only haveto be 2 to a cubicle, not 4 or 5, because I'm going to be an FTE. I grab a caramel Macchiato, just because I want to, and start walking around and talking with the people around the office. Chatting about the move, chatting about various work things, etc. Just kind of relaxed and in a content mood, because God is my shepherd and I shall not want. I have some nice conversations with people, and they start realizing I'm not one bit bummed about the move to sammamish, and that I'm thankful to be in this position where moving to sammamish is even an issue.

Then I head out to lunch with the crew, and we talk about what faith means to us for an hour or so. Man, today is pretty good so far.

Ah, I just found out about my cube situation too! Even as a vendor right now, there will only be two of us in my cubicle. Sweet.

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Anonymous said...

hey ricky, it's luke, i was reading your blog andman do i have a great respect for you. you can look at a situation and be happy. everybody should be optimists. the world would be alot better.