Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I am going blue.

How can I possibly explain how I feel? I don't know, but I will try.

There are two types of people at Microsoft: Orange badge, and Blue badge. Orange badge are folks that are vendors or contractors- you are hired for a certain time, to complete a certain job duty, and you're gone when its done. Thats me. I'm a Build Engineer, and they can't really afford to let me go, so I have an unending contract pretty much. Which is great, because being a vendor/contractor pays GREAT hourly rates, which fits for my lifestyle at the moment.

Then, there is blue badge. Blue badge is people hired by Microsoft. They are not hired to complete just a job function, they are hired to be a representative of Microsoft in their job position. To look out for the interests of the company as well as do their job. Full benefits are included. You get your own office, you get a prime card (discount card that works in half the stores in existance) Pro Club membership (best gym in Washington) 401k retirement plan, stock options, dental, health, etc etc. Lots of benefits.

So its almost a different realm. They usually put all blue badges in charge of the leading roles, and have vendors perform the supporting roles. I've been kind of in a weird position, as build lead for 4 seperate projects over the last year, which vendors usually don't take lead very often. And I think I am good at what I do, which really frustrated me because they told me they wouldn't hire me as a blue badge for a long time, even though they had no real reason. I decided to give it to God, and I kept repeating to myself that God knows my path and he will put me where he wants me in time, and I stopped worrying about being blue badge.

Well, that was only a month ago or so... And here I am. I haveto go through the dreaded "Interview Loop" to get the position, but everyone I will be interviewing with are people I know and have worked with pretty extensively, and my boss told me he'd rig it so its everyone that really likes me. Hahaha, thats funny. I'm not too worried about it either way, because I know I can do this job very well, and the people I will interview with know that too. If not, they will see my character and know my mettle.

Its a humbling experience, to be truthful. God has put me in a place to succeed, and every time I try and give to him and honor him and bless him, he throws it back at me tenfold. I'm honored to be able to work on a peer level with some of the smartest people on the planet. (I say some, because some softies are not so smart)

So thats what, three posts in the last 24 hours. That might be a record.

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