Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Oh my.

Let me share something with you (whoever you are, haha).

The last two weeks or so have been very powerful for me and my relationship with God. Last monday, after the Refuel conference, I was driving to work and felt the spirit of prayer on my heart. I decided to entertain the idea and started praying. To me, praying is not getting on your knees and reciting a scripture, it is a two way communication with God. Its a conversation. Meaning, he communicates back to YOU.
So, that week of refuel, I had volunteered and done more at the church than I had slept. I ran sound, played, practiced, set up, everything. About 7 days straight, with my good friend Daniel.
In my prayer that morning, I got a strong sense of explaining how much I love God. Well, thats not something easily explained. About half way through a thought, I was interrupted with another thought, and it said: "I know you love me- your actions show your heart. Now, I want to love you. Tell me, what do you want."

I was blown AWAY. What do I want? Me? Why? Well, I already have the car, the job, the friends. What could I possibly want? My first rational thought was a wife, but I can't ask for that- God has to give that to me in his own time. :) After a few more seconds, I look back at the road, to see all of this traffic, as usual, every morning... and I said, "God, make my commute times faster." And then I laughed. I posed the question, how would God make my commute times faster? And I laughed some more: It would take an act of God to shorten my commute. :)

Well, yesterday morning, I was in my regular commute... you know, autopilot, when you are in mass traffic for hours. I look over, and I see my office mate sitting in the traffic next to me. Haha, we laugh at eachother.

Well, long story short(end), this morning we meet at the fry's parking lot and carpool up the rest of the way, saving us about an hour of drive time.

I get to work at 8:40 instead of 9:40 this morning, and I do my usual starting up routine... and I'm thinking, wow, that really shortened my commute time. Then, DING, I remembered my prayer. And I started laughing. It almost brought me to tears, how God answered my prayer in such a direct fashion, without a doubt.

Wow! Thats pretty darn cool.

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