Sunday, October 23, 2005


I have heard from lots of people around me about how "hard" I am on them. I even see it. I am hard on people. I look around me and most of the closest people I am around, I deal with "harsh"ly sometimes.

People need to live up to what they say they will do. I've been witness to dozens of people talking about what great things they will do, what great reform they will practice in their lives. From going to church consistantly, to doing the "right thing" when they are dating, or acting better towards people.

When it comes down to it, I am hard on people because they are not accountable towards their actions. You know, humans are GREAT manipulators. Not even just others- they are great manipulators of themselves. It's pretty natural for someone to convince themselves they made the right decision- even if, in the bottom of their heart, they know they didn't. Or to lie about something they did, or will do, so they don't feel guilty about the truth. Or to play a blame game, and pass the fault on to someone else- so they don't feel bad.


You need to start being honest with yourself, and start being honest with the people that care about you. Stop lying. Stop convincing yourself you did the right thing. Don't blame it on the other person in the relationship. START BEING THE PERSON YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO BE.

If I am hard on you, it is because you need some accountability in an area of your life. Usually for the area that you are faulting in.

Am I hard on you when you make a mistake, and when you confess it and seek the truth?

You already know the answer to that question, if you are reading this blog. And you already know, that I am only hard on you when you lie to yourself or when you are not accountable.

Start feeling bad about your wrong decisions. Start trying to fix that, and start telling the truth about it. You need someone to call you on your crap, and it looks like I may be the only person doing that.

If you are someone who claims accountability, then I have no quarrel with you. Until then, stop lying to me.

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