Monday, August 22, 2005

I want to save up and buy a daily driver car.

I want to stop putting hundreds of miles on my WRX every week. I want to start putting them on a car that is cheaper and so it wouldn't hurt the value of the vehicle. With all of the modifications I am doing, this car is going to end up to be a very fast, very capable car. Not the kind of car you want to be in when you are sitting in 405 traffic every morning. Why? Well, when you have a car that is geared very aggressively and has very aggressive suspension, its not so much fun to clutch in and out all day long, when the power yearns to break free.

I'm looking at Acura Integra LSs, around 86-90. I think thats the bodystyle I want. I like them, and they hold up under high mileage pretty well. And it has more horsepower than my prelude, while still about the same weight. Not a bad performer for that old of a car. So I guess I've decided to do that. I just need to actually save some cash (Which is freaking hard to do with these insane bills). I'm thinkin I can pick one up for around 1k to 1.5k. That'd be a great daily driver. And, almost all integras have AC, sunroof, power stuff, and some have aftermarket CD players already in em. Not too bad for just over a grand.

Hopefully it will lower my insurance, too. Since I moved to kent, they raised my prices again... its pretty much certifiably insane. I'd save the cost of the cheap car every few months...

Now, I just gotta find a decent one. Any help would be appreciated!

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Anonymous said...

Someone told me that was a good daily driver car (??) I want one in green very badly.