Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I just got grilled over the phone on a conference call that had 10 other people on it.

for something I have no control over.

And thats just my first project.

Thursday, July 14, 2005


I've been having some trouble with my computer lately. I played the battlefield 2 demo, thought it was worth picking up, so I went out and bought it. I get home, try to install it... and nothing. The installshield doesnt even pop up.

So I work with EA tech support for a few days, and every time I reply to one of their e-mails a different person gets it and responds again with the same generic copy-paste respose, "clean the disc, download the latest drivers, dont be an idiot" instructions.

Well, since they are no help at all, I figured the root cause out myself... It seems installshield is having issues on my machine for one reason or other. Which is strange, it doesnt have issues when I install any other game, including the BF2 demo. Error 6005. Make sure no other programs are running, make sure your temp folder is clean... ok ok, did that. still doesnt work. Hmm.

So, I'm like, screw it. I told myself I'd build a new computer this summer anyway, and I think I can scrape together the money from savings to do it. So I order just a couple of parts, thinking I'll piecemeal it together. Motherboard, RAM, and processor. I've got the rest, right? Hard drive, vid card, etc etc. So I get the new stuff, start putting it together and...

I bought the new SLI motherboard. Meaning I can run two video cards at once for twice the speed, using PCI Express. Well, I figure I'll just upgrade to PCIe cards later and do the dual thing when I can come up with that kind of cash. I'll just use my nvidia 5900 vid card for now. Well, I'm dumb. The new mobo doesnt have an AGP slot, just the PCIe and PCI slots.

Now what?

Well, I suppose I'll haveto put this little project on hold for a bit until I can afford a new video card. Now the question is, do I buy a cheaper one to hold me over for a little bit of time until I can get a dual setup or single fast one, or do I spring for the more expensive one now?
bleh. I dunno.

But, one cool thing is, I'll be running Windows 64 bit. I'm getting it from work, and I hear it runs things a lot faster because of the 64 bit memory addressing. No RAM nightmares for this generation of games, which usually eats ram for breakfast.

Any ideas? I know a few tech people read my blog- gimme some input.


Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Is it just me, or am I seeing the "back to school" ads too soon? I mean, its the middle of JULY.

I hope everyone is registered for college... maybe I should register and do some online classes. Get my prereqs done... maybe get a degree in social sciences, or psychology. Maybe even an english degree. Lord knows I don't need more schooling on Microsoft products. I need to "round out" my education because its pretty one sided right now, all tech.

Sunday, July 10, 2005


I'm sore all over from my jet-skis. I'm really learning how to ride them pretty hard and do some pretty cool things, and it shows from all of the weird muscles that I never knew I had, since they are sore now. But I sure had fun finding that out. :) I'm excited about some things I'm doing here soon:

Friday, Mustang Cruise. An all day mustang cruise, starting 8am, going all day. Should be 500+ mustangs, will be SWEET. Goin with my uncle Rod, hopefully we get his X-pipe put in before the drive so we can hear the sweet mellow V-8 sound all day.

Taking out the jet-skis again next weekend, after we replace the impeller on one. Why? Just cuz, I love taking them out.

Bridgeport. I am going on a camping trip to bridgeport for 4 days with the 18-25 crowd, and I'm taking the jet-skis. Should be a LOT of fun, and I'm excited for hanging out with people in my age/maturity range. :)

Moving. I'm moving here soon, to the kent house. That should be fun, because I'll be there by myself. I'm afraid I'll like it too much and want to stay by myself when my parents move in after me... oh well, at least it will motivate me to save enough for my own place.

Suby Cruise. Subaru enthusiast cruise, the hwy 101 loop around mt. vernon, end of august. Should be a BLAST, as it was last time. And this time, my car is faster and has better tires. Last time, I was driving 9/10ths of the car on crappy tires and it was very real and very scary, insanely fast insanely skilled driving. This time should be easier with the better handling car. Although I'll want to tighten up the rear suspension before then, since I added the front strut bar the front is way too tight so it understeers a lot more than it should.

Yep yep. So thats gonna be cool. I just hope work will be less stressful so it doesnt ruin all of these cool things I want to do. God is bringing me success, and I'm being faithful by serving 2 or 3 days a week, and seeking him in everything I do. It really shows. I've been so amazingly blessed, I feel bad almost. He provides, that is for SURE.


Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Gah, I hate being in this position. it is SO HARD to show that I'm not bent around my money. I don't want to be some selfish prick thats caught up in himself. I'm not. Its hard to be humble with these accomplishments all around me though. I dunno, I get in my car, and I get a sense of pride for what I had to accomplish to get it. Thats alright, since I earned it, but the pride that comes with it... is not so much. I'm at a moment in my life where I don't really need pride of any sort. All I can do is pray and ask God to constantly humble me. He's got his ways, and I'm sure if I work on it and keep praying about it I'll be okay. Its just a really tough situation is all...