Friday, June 24, 2005

So theres the summer fun for Ricky and friends.

Mike and I just went out on them for 3 hours.

quite fun.

Although, if theres two people on one, it gets very very tipsy, and you haveto balance it out by throwing your weight around to make turns, and go over waves. And mike was screaming in my ear telling me he was scared, when we were going full speed. hehehehe :) I kept going.

I didn't toss him off or anything... but he did toss himself off a few times. When I ride, I try to stand up so I can use my feet for balance, instead of sitting and letting the ski balance itself... it helps a lot. But now my legs are sore from standing on something going 60mph :( your legs take a beating when you hit wave after wave after wave at 60mph. Albeit fun.

So thats cool... hopefully I'll get to take them out enough times. Although we need to get them tuned up, they idle pretty rough right now.


Anonymous said...

I like the sound of Ricky and FRIENDS.

Anonymous said...

Bridgeport, baby!

Ricky said...

maybe I should ammend that.

Ricky and Friend.

Anonymous said...

ouch, who has the honor of being the one friend?

Ricky said...

Doesn't really matter, the one person knows who they are. :)

Anonymous said...

oh, that sucks