Saturday, June 11, 2005

Beautiful Day!

Days like today make me think of what kinds of things I can fill my summer with. I've got a few ideas, some are blooming some aren't.
I've still got all my paintball gear, which is a sizable ammount after trying to collect enough for an entire group to go. So thats an option.
Another option is going shooting again. I pulled out my gun and cleaned her up, getting her ready. Dave and I are probably gonna go shooting next weekend, so that should be fun.

Another option, quite a bit more costly, is a pair of jet-skis. I don't have the kind of money to buy a new one, but I'm looking at a pair of '97 sea-doos at the moment. I'd go halves with my dad, and get a trailer hitch on the van. That'd be totally killer to be able to take some friends out on a lake for a day a few times. Its quite a workout, too. Hopefully it wont cost too much :/ I'm having money issues as it is with my freaking insurance companies charging me in magnitudes of order more than they should. bleh.

Or if I don't get a jet-ski, a motorcycle. Those are my options. Most of them have to do with exercising in some way, I'd like to stay toned if thats possible for a microsoftie. I also thought about buying a weight set, too, which I might do, a little later after I can save for it.

So those are my summer options! It sounds like it should be some good fun, either route I go. Oh, and, I've gout about four car shows I can attend, and one that I am gonna help plan. that should be a lot of fun :) Hopefully I can get my car in shape to be a show car in time.

Have fun tonight, guys...

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Tell me about your dream.