Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I'm gonna be deaf by the age of 25.


Hopefully they'll have those inner-ear bone surguries perfected by that time. God willing, haha :)

I just love music too much to stop listening.
Hmm, think we're gonna take out the skis on saturday... we'll see. it'll be really busy, but thats ok I suppose.

I'm gearing up for the 4th of july car show at church, I am hoping at having a shot at winning the import trophy. I got my up-pipe and down-pipe installed, and a shiny puurty strut bar. I also plan on getting a heat shield before the show... the heat is soaking my intercooler and I'm loosing a bit of speed cuz of that. I should be able to shine it up real nice for the show... I plan on spending most of Sunday to get her ready. Maybe I'll take some new photos of her after I get her all washed up and detailed. I've got a timeline of pics I've been putting together for her, maybe I should post that somewhere so people can see the change history.

Mm, work sucks right now. I've got many different projects jumping down my throat, and my laptop ran out of extra hard drive room. kind of a bleh time consuming suck.

I signed up to do the 4 day weekend with the college/career age group with church... we are all going out to bridgeport to have some fun. Cards, camping, cooking, the lake, hopefully bring the jet-skis... should be fun for some fellowship with people in my age group that I can relate to.

Change can be painful in life... growing pains and whatnot. It is what it is, though. I can't pursuade others to do the right thing, I can only encourage them and pray for them. Oh well, I guess some people just grow apart as they make different decisions in life.

I think it will be nice to be in the new house, by myself. I love my solitude. Not to mention the growing pains of living with your parents when you are self-sufficient and almost 20 yrs old.


Friday, June 24, 2005

So theres the summer fun for Ricky and friends.

Mike and I just went out on them for 3 hours.

quite fun.

Although, if theres two people on one, it gets very very tipsy, and you haveto balance it out by throwing your weight around to make turns, and go over waves. And mike was screaming in my ear telling me he was scared, when we were going full speed. hehehehe :) I kept going.

I didn't toss him off or anything... but he did toss himself off a few times. When I ride, I try to stand up so I can use my feet for balance, instead of sitting and letting the ski balance itself... it helps a lot. But now my legs are sore from standing on something going 60mph :( your legs take a beating when you hit wave after wave after wave at 60mph. Albeit fun.

So thats cool... hopefully I'll get to take them out enough times. Although we need to get them tuned up, they idle pretty rough right now.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


this new Voice over IP phone system is royally screwing over my
port-forwarding. I've got two routers, and I'm forwarding from the
phone one, to the wireless one, to my server, and its denying all FTP
connections. Bah...
at least HTTP still works. But it doesnt allow my blog to publish new
posts, so I haveto move it off to the blogger site..

oh well. It was nice to have it hosted by my own box for a while...
so much easier to post pics and stuff.

Monday, June 20, 2005

post post post.

I dunno what to post about.


I'm gonna move out...

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Beautiful Day!

Days like today make me think of what kinds of things I can fill my summer with. I've got a few ideas, some are blooming some aren't.
I've still got all my paintball gear, which is a sizable ammount after trying to collect enough for an entire group to go. So thats an option.
Another option is going shooting again. I pulled out my gun and cleaned her up, getting her ready. Dave and I are probably gonna go shooting next weekend, so that should be fun.

Another option, quite a bit more costly, is a pair of jet-skis. I don't have the kind of money to buy a new one, but I'm looking at a pair of '97 sea-doos at the moment. I'd go halves with my dad, and get a trailer hitch on the van. That'd be totally killer to be able to take some friends out on a lake for a day a few times. Its quite a workout, too. Hopefully it wont cost too much :/ I'm having money issues as it is with my freaking insurance companies charging me in magnitudes of order more than they should. bleh.

Or if I don't get a jet-ski, a motorcycle. Those are my options. Most of them have to do with exercising in some way, I'd like to stay toned if thats possible for a microsoftie. I also thought about buying a weight set, too, which I might do, a little later after I can save for it.

So those are my summer options! It sounds like it should be some good fun, either route I go. Oh, and, I've gout about four car shows I can attend, and one that I am gonna help plan. that should be a lot of fun :) Hopefully I can get my car in shape to be a show car in time.

Have fun tonight, guys...

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Sometimes, usually during some awful hour of the early morning, but before a sunrise (I think God made these to bring Hope to people who struggle in the wee hours), I think to myself, how I wish someone was there for me. How many countless times have I consoled people? Jobs, relationships, feelings, depression, addiction... I've talked people through it all, it seems. I love encouraging and empowering people. Yet when this stuff hits the fan in my life, I get a bunch of...


and thats where I bide my time. The hours before sunrise... with nothing. Its so firmiliar to me now, from the countless years of this stuff, that it almost comforts me in its silence. Its one of the few things I feel is a rock solid absolute, when there is none. No matter what, I'll be alone.

Maybe someday, it'll be different...
I'll leave that to God.

Friday, June 03, 2005

I guess, people just forgot about me.

oh well.