Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Well, I'm back.

Not bad, as far as vacations go- daytona is a beautiful place. Beautiful silky white sand, deep blue water as far as the eye can see, pigeons fighting over half-eaten fries, etc.

I did a lot of thinking on this vacation. I've come to a few conclusions about things.

When I was down there, the night life of Daytona really tempted me. In the way that any kind of popular dancing-drinking-hanging out club establishments lure anyone. That really started me thinking a lot- what did that kind of partying offer? Well, it didnt take long to figure out it didnt really offer anything I wanted. Easy sex, alcohol, popularity with a clique, whatever. Even the kind of people you meet are usually, 95% of the time, the kind of people you wouldn't hang out with unless it was past midnight and there were other motives besides meeting friends. Well, it still lures, but its something I can safely ignore, because its got nothing for me. The people that entertain themselves with that are not the kind of people I really want to associate with, because in the end it would just bring me down and probably get me stuck in a lifestyle that would make me hate myself.

With that in mind, I also started thinking about, since I figured out what I DON'T want to do, what do I?
Where do you go to meet decent people that have more common interests, and are wearing more clothing, and have real values? Surely not at hangout spots, surely not at clubs... Well, I guess the only places I know where these people exist are work and church. Work, is kind of hard to make friends out of, because, well, you are always working. Go figure. But church, is a place where you can socialize with people that should have the same kinds of motives and goals as you. I say should, because its not like everyone is the same kind of christian as you... some people believe in different ways of living the life of a christian. But its really the only place I've got that has real people with meaning, that arent after worldly pursuits of things that just leave you soul-less in the end.

Its kind of unfortunate, that I don't see any of my current friends really pointed in the same direction I want to go. I guess we are at different places in life, and everyone has to go at their own pace. There is not much I can do about that, though, and its not up to me. All I can do is encourage, I suppose.

I want to have purpose. I want to find meaning in things around me. I dont want to seek shallow relationships and people that have their own goals that are somewhere, else.

I'm gonna skip all of that shallow stuff. I see what it yields, and none of it is worth the time or the heart ache.

On a less serious note, my insurance rate went up because of my car accident. I haveto pay more money because someone hit me. How lame is that!! and, a LOT more money. stinkin'.

At least I have the greatest cat in the world. Not much else, right now.


Anonymous said...

"...But its really the only place I've got that has real people with meaning, that arent after worldly pursuits of things that just leave you soul-less in the end."

I found this sentence a bit offensive. I mean, is everybody outside the circle of your church meaningless and a hindrance to you? Is everyone you know selfish and desire only worldly things? It sounds kind of like you aren't grateful for people that surround you who aren't zealous Christians. I am aware we should surround ourselves with Godly people who can encourage us and help us through hard times; does that mean we should shun or judge others who are struggling in their walk, or even those who haven’t accepted Christ at all? No, it doesn’t, and I think you know that.

Are we, as your friends, meaningless? Because as you mentioned, everyone goes at a pace of their own. Don’t end friendships because you “aren’t going to the same place.” No one really knows that, and it’s not a good reason to end friendships.

Anonymous said...

p.s. the comment above wasn't meant to be mean or offending. just something that needed to get off my chest.

Ricky said...

I didn't mean to offend. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to try and say that everyone that isnt completely focused on God is wrong or people that arent at the same pace as me are bad or anything at all like that. I was just trying to illustrate how I feel. I think you already know how I feel, and I'm pretty sure you realize I'm not sitting here judging people, I'm just trying to figure things out for myself.

Paraphrase response: You know what I meant. :) <3

Ricky said...

and I guess, what I meant, was not that my friends pursue soul-less means of creature comfort, but actually that its just hard to find people with good values(even in church). I didnt even mention my current friends. :)

please don't be offended.

Anonymous said...

ok. I understand.