Thursday, May 19, 2005

I come back to work, and all sorts of stuff needs to be done. Rebuild this, do that, train him, etc. I feel like I am being stretched in different directions- like I am being forced to grow into being responsible for all of these things at once. Its uncomfortable. No one really likes getting out of their comfort zone and doing more than they haveto if they aren't really motivated, and thats how I kind of feel, so its kind of a painful sort of stretching. But I feel somewhat challenged to try and get it all done, which is good. It makes me feel good because I'm getting important things done, even if it is uncomfortable. There's just... quite a lot that I haveto grow into and step up and perform. I suppose its either step up or step out, in the end. I think that working here will constantly constantly challenge me in new ways like this... I appreciate that, because it forces me to fight complacency and comfort. It always requires me to try and learn more and understand more.

"What kind of man is a man who does not try to better his surroundings?" kind of cool qoute. If I'm not challenged to do better, then I'm just underachieving.

In the past, its just been a clear straight shot to what I need to do. Like a list, and you do something and check a box off the list. But now, its kind of obscure things that require a lot of work to figure out what you even need to do. For example, I need to start training myself for some other stuff that I don't normally work with. There is no clear path to what to read, what to do, etc. You haveto be assertive and work really hard to figure out things, so you are still valuable to the company and you don't get let go.

So, I saw Star Wars last night. I thought it was a great movie. The acting was quite a lot better. Don't get me wrong, there were still a couple of awkward moments, but it is not even comparable to the dumbfounded acting in the previous movies. Ewan McGregor really steps up, Hayden Christensen and Natalie Portman really step into their roles as well. I'd venture to say they were really trying and acting this time around. They aren't award winners yet, but they might be later on in their movie careers. More likely natalie than hayden, though. Yeah, great movie. Parts of it were moving to me. And not just because I'm a Star Wars fan, it more spoke to my sense of humanity. I also saw a lot of people I knew at the theater waiting in line. It was kind of cool to chat with old friends, four or five from high school, and a somewhat long time friend DJ XTC. It was fun talking about the new console wars, xbox 360 vs ps3.

What else... oh, I'm kind of excited to play this sunday at church. We are doing our yearly heart after God conference this week, and we are having kind of an "all-star" band for sunday morning, featuring most of the younger players. It should be fun, we are doing a pretty cool set of songs and I'm excited for some lively church.(boring church = no fun)

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