Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Unfortunately I think I've lost Ben as a friend. Oh well, it was going to happen sooner or later with the way he was treating me. When someone does not listen to you or even consider what you have to say, but only refutes your every word, there is no choice but to stop trying to talk to them. But of course, thats "harsh" and therefore he would refute that. and thats "harsh" too, so he would refute that. its an unending cycle, and theres nothing more I can do about it, because he won't listen to me. because thats "harsh." (truth hurts?)

Drop the ego, and listen to your friends. You don't have any left.

"Soften your heart, child. Humble yourself."

So, my car should get repaired soon here. Thats kind of cool. And instead of getting them to replace my broken muffler, I'll just use the cash to buy one that I want. So thats cool. I'm looking toward getting Cobb Stage 2... should make me about as fast as an STi, with a very nice sounding boxer rumble. And I've got my wheels picked out... gun metal rally style 10 spoke wheels. very cool looking.

I probably need to get fog light covers, before a rock turns one of them into mush. And I could get the carbon fiber interior trim, too... it would help get rid of the plasticy look of the interior, which would be nice.
hmm, what else... working on the weekend sucks.
One thing that makes life easier these days is being on the worship team at church. It lifts my spirits to be able to work towards a common goal with fellow people that have daily struggles as well. Using your everything to worship God, as you were made for, just makes you feel better about life, and more at ease. Its like a dip in God's refreshing ocean after a week of trudging through the Sahara.

Carpe Diem

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