Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Friday night... worked late, then hung out with Amy.
Saturday.. wake up at noon, call up mike, drive to car toys, hear a rediculous qoute of 380 bucks for installing two speakers... go to frys. Look around at frys, buy some candy, and a game for Amy/Ashlee (I wonder if Ashlee will even ever play it.)
Went over to Amy's, hung out with ashlee, amy, mike, then went over to my house, watched a movie.
Sunday... did some chores around the house, went back to car toys, got a much better qoute on a lot more work, then fixed amy's computer, then mom and dad came home...

So, I ended up doing this, with my car audio situation: I replaced the front tweeters, front door speakers, and had them install my sub/amp combo.
The tweeters and front door speakers will give me a LOT better mid/high range quality, and the sub will finally give it some nice low end punch. Should be a great setup.

I got to car toys on monday night for installation, and they were like "oh, we have two installers out sick... we can't fit you in." But, I was the first on their list... so, um, what the heck... So I say hey, I got off work early to come down here tonight, and you had me scheduled before these other guys. So they said hey, we'll call someone in. no one wanted to come in. So they asked if I would drive to fed. way, and I said well... so they said, eh, we'll give you 20 for gas/trouble. I said, eh, make it 40, you got a deal. they said, ehh... eh... ok.

they handed me 40 bucks, I went to federal way with amy, got the stuff installed, and we hung out. And one of the guys that works there apparently collapsed and about six medics came rushing in right after us. cool.

So the system sounds decent as it is now, but I'm going to haveto do some tuning with the sub/amp to get it to sound the way I want. I worked on it for a bit last night, but I have a feeling it will take me a while of driving/listening to get it where I want it.

And, its not mounted, so the sub slides around and rips out my ON wire, so the sub shuts off if I take off very fast... I tied it down with a rope, but I still feel uncomfortable with that. I'll haveto figure something out.

Hopefully this adds enough personality to the car to make it my own... thats my goal.

Ok, enough out of me.

And yes, this post was also about my car. :)

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