Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I just got OWNED in the butt this morning by a 93 legacy wagon...
Blah, all that time and care and love I put into my car, and it just gets owned.

I've not new license plate frames coming in today, but it doesnt matter... my license plate is royally screwed. no point in putting a frame on it.

grr... she was gonna be my show car.. and I had wheels and tires picked out... bah.

his car got owned more than mine tho... he bent his radiator, and my exhaust punched two round holes in his bumper, and he owned his hood and right lights.

My babyyyy :(

other than that... I got a new office today. Still has 3 people in it, but its not with the living mold lady. and there is a window within 10 ft.

my back and neck hurts. I'm gonna go see Chris Hall today, hopefully everything is alright. I just want my suby back in perfect shape :( :( :( :( I love that car.

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Anonymous said...

aww... sorry to hear about your baby.