Friday, March 11, 2005

I could explain all of the completely rediculous things that happen at work, but its a waste of time. Suffice to say, I work my BUTT off, and people try and screw me all day long.

My boss noticed one such time, and later that day walked into my office and told me that he'd call up my contracting company and get me some more money. I think he felt sorry for me after I got reamed out at for something that wasn't even remotely related to me.


Other news... food poisoned from lunch a few days ago. In addition to being sick earlier this week.

Anything else... hmm. parents are gone for the weekend... ok. Life is alright... Oh, I'm going on a day long cruise with a bunch of other Subaru enthusiasts, on the 26th... that should be fun. Hopefully Mike will go with me, so I don't feel so alone or anything. Let me know if I already had plans on the 26th, haha.

oh, dad bought some tickets for free entrance to Operation Paintball (what a twisted sentence) so I'll probably try and get a big group together to go... you know, so its easier for the people that don't play much. Since I have an extra gun, and I gave a gun to pretty much everyone I know. Mike, dad, me, rod, mandy, etc etc...
too bad OP smells like manure, and their fields suck, and their paint is super expensive (cost me 200 bucks just for one day, one time...)

ok, rant rant rant done.

Oh, xbox 2 info is slowly leaking out. I've seen some pics of it already, but I can't show anyone, you know, Microsoft internal. It's gonna be a blazing fast system, and its gonna have some aMAZing features, too. Neat-o.

My car is fast, btw. hahaha.

<3 to my fanclub.


Anonymous said...

Hey Icky...I just noticed that EVERY entry on your blog right now has something about your car or driving your car. LOL, someone likes there car....

Ricky said...

Boys and cars. What can I say?

Oh, I'll post about the new stuff I did to my car now!! :)