Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I just got OWNED in the butt this morning by a 93 legacy wagon...
Blah, all that time and care and love I put into my car, and it just gets owned.

I've not new license plate frames coming in today, but it doesnt matter... my license plate is royally screwed. no point in putting a frame on it.

grr... she was gonna be my show car.. and I had wheels and tires picked out... bah.

his car got owned more than mine tho... he bent his radiator, and my exhaust punched two round holes in his bumper, and he owned his hood and right lights.

My babyyyy :(

other than that... I got a new office today. Still has 3 people in it, but its not with the living mold lady. and there is a window within 10 ft.

my back and neck hurts. I'm gonna go see Chris Hall today, hopefully everything is alright. I just want my suby back in perfect shape :( :( :( :( I love that car.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

people are probably going to lose their jobs over this situation at work.

good times.

Intense situations regarding my multi-billion dollar program, and the team we get our daily updated data from...

we have a conference call every morning for this program, and the last 3 days straight, the DIRECTOR for our entire division has been on the call, as well as all of my bosses bosses etc etc etc. asking me questions about the situation, as I try to work around it and resolve it.

At least one of them said "good job" this time around...
I'd hate to be on the long end of the stick they are going to swing with that data team...

n-e-wayz, no one cares about my work, so enuf of that.

Washed my car for 4 hours last night... cool. (yes, had to add something about my car) Oh, and I debadged it, and shined the vinyl and wheels. looks totally cool now.

And, the Olympic Loop Subaru Cruise is this saturday. Should be a LOT of fun, I can't wait. :)

my tires are wearing faster than I thought... I'll haveto keep an eye on that, and start saving for tires/wheels...

oh, and, linksys routers suck sometimes. 1 am, and I am sitting here troubleshooting a linksys router. NOT my idea of a good time... unless its not 1am, then it'd probably be pretty fun.

And, lets see...

my church just finished the new building. Its simply A-MAZ-ING... the new sound system is great. I have my own sound mixing board for my headset for when I play... it really helps a lot (since it used to be where I couldn't hear anyone since I was behind a plexiglass wall, but I was mic'd...)
Quite the AMAZING new building. its very exciting, since I've been at that church since they first started seeing the vision for it- and boom here it is, 6 years later.

I think thats about it, for now...


Monday, March 21, 2005

I love Amy.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Friday night... worked late, then hung out with Amy.
Saturday.. wake up at noon, call up mike, drive to car toys, hear a rediculous qoute of 380 bucks for installing two speakers... go to frys. Look around at frys, buy some candy, and a game for Amy/Ashlee (I wonder if Ashlee will even ever play it.)
Went over to Amy's, hung out with ashlee, amy, mike, then went over to my house, watched a movie.
Sunday... did some chores around the house, went back to car toys, got a much better qoute on a lot more work, then fixed amy's computer, then mom and dad came home...

So, I ended up doing this, with my car audio situation: I replaced the front tweeters, front door speakers, and had them install my sub/amp combo.
The tweeters and front door speakers will give me a LOT better mid/high range quality, and the sub will finally give it some nice low end punch. Should be a great setup.

I got to car toys on monday night for installation, and they were like "oh, we have two installers out sick... we can't fit you in." But, I was the first on their list... so, um, what the heck... So I say hey, I got off work early to come down here tonight, and you had me scheduled before these other guys. So they said hey, we'll call someone in. no one wanted to come in. So they asked if I would drive to fed. way, and I said well... so they said, eh, we'll give you 20 for gas/trouble. I said, eh, make it 40, you got a deal. they said, ehh... eh... ok.

they handed me 40 bucks, I went to federal way with amy, got the stuff installed, and we hung out. And one of the guys that works there apparently collapsed and about six medics came rushing in right after us. cool.

So the system sounds decent as it is now, but I'm going to haveto do some tuning with the sub/amp to get it to sound the way I want. I worked on it for a bit last night, but I have a feeling it will take me a while of driving/listening to get it where I want it.

And, its not mounted, so the sub slides around and rips out my ON wire, so the sub shuts off if I take off very fast... I tied it down with a rope, but I still feel uncomfortable with that. I'll haveto figure something out.

Hopefully this adds enough personality to the car to make it my own... thats my goal.

Ok, enough out of me.

And yes, this post was also about my car. :)

Friday, March 11, 2005

I could explain all of the completely rediculous things that happen at work, but its a waste of time. Suffice to say, I work my BUTT off, and people try and screw me all day long.

My boss noticed one such time, and later that day walked into my office and told me that he'd call up my contracting company and get me some more money. I think he felt sorry for me after I got reamed out at for something that wasn't even remotely related to me.


Other news... food poisoned from lunch a few days ago. In addition to being sick earlier this week.

Anything else... hmm. parents are gone for the weekend... ok. Life is alright... Oh, I'm going on a day long cruise with a bunch of other Subaru enthusiasts, on the 26th... that should be fun. Hopefully Mike will go with me, so I don't feel so alone or anything. Let me know if I already had plans on the 26th, haha.

oh, dad bought some tickets for free entrance to Operation Paintball (what a twisted sentence) so I'll probably try and get a big group together to go... you know, so its easier for the people that don't play much. Since I have an extra gun, and I gave a gun to pretty much everyone I know. Mike, dad, me, rod, mandy, etc etc...
too bad OP smells like manure, and their fields suck, and their paint is super expensive (cost me 200 bucks just for one day, one time...)

ok, rant rant rant done.

Oh, xbox 2 info is slowly leaking out. I've seen some pics of it already, but I can't show anyone, you know, Microsoft internal. It's gonna be a blazing fast system, and its gonna have some aMAZing features, too. Neat-o.

My car is fast, btw. hahaha.

<3 to my fanclub.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

got a lawyer for the ticket thing... because I don't need a negligent driving to the 2nd degree on my record (its barely under a DUI)...
Didn't go to work today. I came home early yesterday because I felt completely horrible, and I slept from 6pm til 2am, finished work, then slept from 3 - 10 am... so, I slept a lot...

In other news, I bought whats called a California Duster for my car... its some sort of cool rag device that lets you wipe down your car so it looks like it just was washed, without all the time and effort.
I almost bought a license frame too, but I don't know what kind to get yet.

ugh I feel icky. no pun intended...

work is hard... but I know what I'm doing, so thats good.

life in general is "eh.." right now, for me.

Hopefully with this next paycheck I should be able to do something. I don't know what yet... there are a few things I've thought about buying/doing. Theres this thing called an AccessPort that remaps the ECU in your car, and it will give me about another 25 horsepower... or theres a pipe, called an Up-Pipe, which will give me about another 10 or so, and help my turbo spool faster. Or, save up even more, and get the Turbo Back Exhuast I want... The AccessPort is 550, the Up-Pipe is 200, and the Turbo Back is a little over a grand.

or I can get some new Pirelli SP-5000s for 500 bucks or so, or wait for those until I can save for new wheels + tires...

I dunno. I'll just save, and do what comes up first.