Thursday, February 17, 2005

so I hit over a thousand hits last week sometime...

My new car is completely awesome...
thinking about naming it Tasha, or Tosh for short. Dunno about that yet.

Or "schoolbus" haha.

my boss and other higher ups at work call it the "bumble bee"

Sunday night I took Amy to Cheesecake factory and the movie Hitch. That was a pretty good night, I really enjoyed it. The next morning, Amy left a flower on my car. I wish I would have done the same for her, but her car is in a garage... :/ I wanted to buy her another boquet of flowers, but by the time I went on monday night, there were only really bad ones left.

So, work has been kinda hectic. Things breaking left and right, and most of them have to do with me (although not my mistake). I woke up on tuesday morning with blood all over my face and all over my hand (a lot of blood). Everyone at work told me I was crazy for not calling 911, but later I went to the doctor and he said it was just an extremely bad nosebleed (I never get nosebleeds..) and a strange headache and vever to acompany it.

What else... Well, my boss wants me to play halo with him now, he said its a requirement and sent out meeting invites on xbox live as required attendee, but I'm sure its not, he is just joking and he wants me to work less.

I came home way early today because I have a dentist appointment. Its fun to cruise around on the freeways without traffic in my car... you can upshift into 3rd gear on the freeway, and you are FLYING. such a fun experience.
Tonight is music practice, and tomorrow I get to hang out with Amy again. :)

You know its hard, being an "adult" or whatever. You loose sight of the meaning of life, and I can see why people have midlife crisis, and deal with this for decades of their life.
I'm doing what I can now, to make sure that never happens to me... buy the fast sports car, participate in church, make a difference at work, etc

So I think this journal entry is long enough. I will end it now before it continues into nothing more than Ricky Ramblings (tm).


Anonymous said...

so your car does look nice in white.....can i have it

Ricky said...

too bad my car is yellow, not white.

Anonymous said...

"Its fun to cruise around on the freeways without traffic in my car..."

When I read thisI thought to mysef, "Gee I like when there isn't any traffic inside my car too."
LOL no joke...I just pictures a tiny traffic jam inside your car...


Ricky said...

silly Ashlee.
the only traffic in my car is the stuff that flies to the rear seats as I accelerate. :)

or, you know, a bunch of little hot wheels cars all over my seats.