Friday, January 28, 2005

Well hows it goin there people?

Last post was deleted because of lame internet explorer...

So I did my taxes last night. I am getting a pretty hefty refund, since I am still a dependant, and making good cash.
That'll probably be enough to put me at the place I want to be to buy a WRX.

So, when I get my refund check, most likely Feb. 11th, is the day I start seriously looking at WRXs.
I want a white one. With a boost gauge. And a good sound system, or I will put one in.
Its hard to find a white one, with the options I want... :/ sigh.

Work has been interesting... I am starting to get better at the office politics thing. I still get crapped on a lot though.
And other things in life suck, but its okay.

Now that I am getting down to the wire on actually buying a WRX, I feel almost hesitant. Not because I don't want one, but because I am thinking to myself, "is this the right decision?"
There are a lot of things not very smart about buying a WRX... Like, the insurance. The insurance is more money per month than all of my other bills combined, including a soon to have car payment. If I buy a different car, it would be a little bit lower(but still rediculously high.)
My dad talked me into test driving one more BMW before I go buy a WRX. I think its an okay idea. I really like beamers, but I just want a rice rocket right now.

I mean, I am making a huuuuge financial decision... the biggest one yet. I know the need to get some "cool wheels" is there- truly, everyone expects me to get a good car, living at home with a high income. But that kind of important decision is leaving me questioning every detail. which is good, I suppose. And natural, for me... I always over-analyze all of my decisions.

Most of the people I know say things like "You only live once," "My philosophy is, get what you want." "You're young, you can afford it, why not?" "The WRX is a friggin awesome car!"

etc etc.

'sides one person, "Its a fast car... don't die!" ;)

One thing that is funny, I worked 6 months at gamestop in 2004. 2 1/2 months at MS. I look at my W2 forms from those two places, and I made twice as much money in those 2 1/2 months at MS than I did at 6 months of gamestop. Good times..

So tell me what you think about my huge buying a car decision. Root me on or shoot me down. Just give me input. (Yes, you too Ashlee)

Nice thing is, WRX is four door.. so I could cart around the pose when we decide to go places.


Anonymous said...

freaking retard, WRXs look hella ugly in white

Ricky said...

Man... teens never change.

Anonymous said...

I think the WRX would fit you nice, I would rather have a blue WRX.

Anonymous said...

i agree, blue is a common color on the WRX because it is the color that looks the best on it

Ricky said...

I think you need to see this specific setup I have in mind before you'd agree with me... But white is a rare color, and its rare for someone to set it up like the way I want to.
The blue ones are nice, and I have test drove a few of them, but they are so common, that it makes me feel like WRX is "same ol' same ol..." and thats not something I want, for something I have worked so hard for. I want it to be my own, and I want it to look unique, with my style.
A white WRX, with about 30% window tint, and carbon fiber matching wheels, so you get a black/white look for the car, looks absolutely spectacular. It looks better than the popular blue/tint/silver wheels, in my opinion.
I suppose in the end, I could end up going with a blue one, but I would much prefer white, so I can get it looking like the picture I have in my mind.
I've thought about this a lot...

Anonymous said...

I'd personally buy a house first...but that's just me. A new house could keep me happy and occupied for YEARS if ya know what I mean. Obviously you're different. As long as you can pay it and you're happy then whatever. In the end its all about how a nice car makes you feel. I'd still go with the house... :::DREAMS:::

Anonymous said...

BTW that last one was prolly gathered that by the way I salavated about a house

Anonymous said...

Ashlee is a noob!!

Viva la Futuro said...

Anonymous posters are noobs!