Saturday, January 15, 2005

The second I forget how I got where I am, is the second I lose it.

The second I forget that I need God, is the second that I am reminded yet again, that he is my savior, and I need him more than anything.

These are lessons we all learn repeatedly... and forget, repeatedly.

God is a God of wonders, of grace, majesty, and love.
He is a God of second chances.
And third. And fourth. And so on, for eternity.
His grace is the only reason we are all alive today. We should have paid with our lives for the things we have done.

Don't you ever forget it, Ricky. He gives, and he takes away.

And last of all, you have no right to be depressed about these things- God's Joy is something he has given, and you shall take it freely, and graciously, as one of God's gifts to humankind.

Smile, because he is smiling down upon you, even after you make mistakes.

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