Friday, January 28, 2005

Well hows it goin there people?

Last post was deleted because of lame internet explorer...

So I did my taxes last night. I am getting a pretty hefty refund, since I am still a dependant, and making good cash.
That'll probably be enough to put me at the place I want to be to buy a WRX.

So, when I get my refund check, most likely Feb. 11th, is the day I start seriously looking at WRXs.
I want a white one. With a boost gauge. And a good sound system, or I will put one in.
Its hard to find a white one, with the options I want... :/ sigh.

Work has been interesting... I am starting to get better at the office politics thing. I still get crapped on a lot though.
And other things in life suck, but its okay.

Now that I am getting down to the wire on actually buying a WRX, I feel almost hesitant. Not because I don't want one, but because I am thinking to myself, "is this the right decision?"
There are a lot of things not very smart about buying a WRX... Like, the insurance. The insurance is more money per month than all of my other bills combined, including a soon to have car payment. If I buy a different car, it would be a little bit lower(but still rediculously high.)
My dad talked me into test driving one more BMW before I go buy a WRX. I think its an okay idea. I really like beamers, but I just want a rice rocket right now.

I mean, I am making a huuuuge financial decision... the biggest one yet. I know the need to get some "cool wheels" is there- truly, everyone expects me to get a good car, living at home with a high income. But that kind of important decision is leaving me questioning every detail. which is good, I suppose. And natural, for me... I always over-analyze all of my decisions.

Most of the people I know say things like "You only live once," "My philosophy is, get what you want." "You're young, you can afford it, why not?" "The WRX is a friggin awesome car!"

etc etc.

'sides one person, "Its a fast car... don't die!" ;)

One thing that is funny, I worked 6 months at gamestop in 2004. 2 1/2 months at MS. I look at my W2 forms from those two places, and I made twice as much money in those 2 1/2 months at MS than I did at 6 months of gamestop. Good times..

So tell me what you think about my huge buying a car decision. Root me on or shoot me down. Just give me input. (Yes, you too Ashlee)

Nice thing is, WRX is four door.. so I could cart around the pose when we decide to go places.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

The second I forget how I got where I am, is the second I lose it.

The second I forget that I need God, is the second that I am reminded yet again, that he is my savior, and I need him more than anything.

These are lessons we all learn repeatedly... and forget, repeatedly.

God is a God of wonders, of grace, majesty, and love.
He is a God of second chances.
And third. And fourth. And so on, for eternity.
His grace is the only reason we are all alive today. We should have paid with our lives for the things we have done.

Don't you ever forget it, Ricky. He gives, and he takes away.

And last of all, you have no right to be depressed about these things- God's Joy is something he has given, and you shall take it freely, and graciously, as one of God's gifts to humankind.

Smile, because he is smiling down upon you, even after you make mistakes.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Busy work week...
very very busy.

not bad, though.

And now Amy has a copy of World of Warcraft, so we can play together. That should be fun.
I think I have 6 or 7 characters on my account now... almost all are above level 10.
good stuff.

oh, someone is here to see me for lunch- later.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy new year...
*grimly wonders what 2005 has in store for him...*