Wednesday, December 15, 2004

So whats up people?
My entire house is different now...
my computer setup is in my basement, and its set up pretty well...
and my room has all new carpet, and therefore has been rearranged. And, my bathroom is completely different now.
good stuff.
Work is going well...
its nice, that I wake up at a leisure 7:30 and head into work before 9ish... then do what I want at work, as long as I get my work done solidly.
Since no one but Amy reads this,
Hi Amy, love you.
Yeah... can't wait to buy a new car.
Saw a 325XI on the road the other day... looked good... I wonder what price range I can get an used one of those in.
still leaning towards the more horsepower of a WRX though.
so... I finished all my christmas shopping...
hit level 20 in World of Warcraft a few days ago. Haven't been playing it very much. Life is taking up pretty much all of my free time (go figure).
DJ Tiesto is live friday night in downtown seattle... hes probably one of the best DJs in the world right now. Thought about going, but I don't want to go alone to one of those things. And, infected mushroom is january 15th..
My office mate keeps making calls all day long about stupid flight reservations and stuff(she doesnt have any friends, so she just chats at the people at the airline offices I think) and she never stops eating, which gets on your nerves pretty darn fast.
I wish I had something to do right now, so I could walk around with purpose and not be in my office.
I dunno how many days I will take off next week...
theres some sort of funeral thingy for my great grandmother on... wednesday? I think.. so I haveto take that off. And thursday/friday is christmas... dunno about the following week. Do normal people work that week? Should I?
Well enough nonsense talk for me, since no one really cares about nonsense talk.

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