Friday, December 10, 2004

I think that I found something to write about: My complete lack of anything to write about.
Not much has changed with me...
I'm starting to sink in to a life of a full time job now.
along with that, there have been a few other minute changes. New 50" plasma TV w/ surround sound, new carpet in my room (so my room is completely empty besides a bed and an alarm clock), my car's bad alternator finally became enough of a nuisance that I needed to replace it, I havent bought a gift for half the people on my list, (go figure) and the usual stuff for people around christmas time.

I'm pretty impatient when it comes to wanting a new car.
I want it right now! and real bad.
I'm not even at a state where I could start looking at them to buy yet. :( If I want to maintain my half down policy, I'd be waiting into february. But I don't wanna! humph. :(

I don't even expect any christmas presents at all this year. Anything that someone could buy me is something that I would just buy myself, unless its super expensive... so it leaves everyone in a peculiar position when trying to buy for me. this has always been the case..
it makes me happy going into christmas with no expectations. Growing up with a somewhat wealthy family, its pretty hard not to expect anything specific/at all. But when those kinds of things are off your mind, you tend to enjoy christmas quite a bit more, because you focus on the reason behind it, and the friends and family.

Too bad its looking like this might be one of the worst christmases for my family(s) in a looong time.
Oh well, nothing I can do about it(without being yelled at and blamed).
Goodtimes :)
Who wants to play some Halo? :)

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