Friday, October 15, 2004

so I think I've narrowed my list a bit, and changed a few things...

Prelude SH
BMW 3 series
mustang GT
Integra R

EVO is too expensive/new,
3000GT is too large/heavy,
RX7 is too.. rotary,
Civic SI is too cheap, and slow.

Added the mustang just cuz... why not.

WRX is fast.. leaning toward it. its got 4 doors, good ground clearance, AWD, etc.
and the 3 series beamer is nice... Dad says I will probably want to buy one really bad after I drive one.
we shall see...
I start my new job on monday. I'm pretty excited.
I mean, who would not be excited about doing something they love, and getting free pop (as much as you want, all day,) while doing it?
I mean, come on.
I think people are starting to think of me quite differently now that I work at Microsoft... People talk to me different, treat me different, and act different around me. And I don't think they really mean to, but it just comes off that way. Some are bitter at my opportunities they don't see, some are filled with awe, some want to impress me so I'll get them a job later. Its kind of aggravating. Just because I work at MS doesnt mean I'm a changed person. I mean, I can still be the same old friend and so on.
I don't think they will ever get past that issue... and if they don't, well, I guess its time to move on. I can't live with people loathing me every time I see them.
So I went in and paid off my Halo 2 preorders... I don't know if I'm gonna stand in line and wait for it tuesday the 9th at 12:01am tho. maybe, maybe not. If I feel like it.
played in a poker tournament today... got my butt kicked. I imagine I will the first few times until I can learn a bit more about real life poker.
I kind of feel alone in the world now- going into places and doing things that no one around me really has before, besides a few, more professional relationships.
Maybe my friendships will inevitably stretch apart because of this.

I guess I'll see if people want to continue to be my friend or not. I'll probably see pretty soon here. And maybe see their motivations.

If you want to come up and see my new office, let me know- I'd love to take you.


Anonymous said...

you should make that the Ford GT...if you don't know what im talking about, go to:

Ricky said...

I wish man... a little too expensive for me.
but they are awesome... no slip differential, so you haveto be a VERY good driver to own one.

Anonymous said...

its a little expensive for a normal car, but for a high-end sports car, its pretty cheap

Anonymous said...

ICKY! I don't think of you differently. Also, I can guarentee that I'll stay your friend. Why, you may ask...well the most honest answer is because you fed me. Everyone knows not to bite the hand that feeds you...especially when it's your best friends sugar daddy. JK JK JK, I'm super happy for you and I wish you the best...spend the extra $$$ wisely and don't let anybody make you feel bad for having it.

Ricky said...

thx Ashlee :)
I wish we were allowed to hang out together. I could imagine fun times with all of us.
Amy should have more cool parties.

Ricky said...

it sickens me that you defend alex's garbage attitude and then threaten ME when I get on his case. As if it was okay to talk like that.
well its not. And it hurts that you would think its okay to talk like that, and DEFEND it. News flash, he wont get through life talking like that. And yes, he can change. I've seen him act professional before, so I know he can do it.
I know you love him, and I know you want to stick up for him, but come on... sticking up for something like what he does on a daily basis is just sick.
if your okay with that kind of behavior, and you actually defend it, ok. But don't expect me to like it, nor take it.

Viva la Futuro said...

I have cool parties?