Thursday, August 12, 2004

Yay, I got my new hopper today!
it looks pretty, so I took a picture.

the only thing that doesnt match is my barrel...
its a nice barrel though. :/

now I should be able to fire up to 24 bps roughly.
if my fingers can pull that fast. and they can't. Probably around 15-17 max I think, and maybe thats optimistic.
Still, fast shooting.
my mouth is completely numb on the right side. I think I've bitten my tongue and cheek several times, but I can't confirm that since I have no feeling.


Anonymous said...

ricky ricky i love u! haha sweet marker, we most certainly will go balling sometime, when u get back from canuckville hit me up again and we can set something up! later masturbater ;)

Anonymous said...

That comment was filled with sexual innuendos