Monday, August 16, 2004

Tomorrow morning I drive up to bellevue community college to sign up for all of my classes.
kind of excited, yet kind of not. My life is headed in good directions.
The quarter starts September 27th, so I still have quite a bit of time on my hands...
I'm curious if I am going to go for my bachelors degree after I get an associates... it would certainly help my job situation quite a bit. And would not be too expensive at BCC, thats for SURE.


Anonymous said...

I'm jealous that your future is going in good directions, when mine just seems to be going downhill.

Ricky said...

your a senior... thats the time in life where you get to rest a little bit. hardly any homework, easy classes, hanging out with friends.. thats what its all about.
And work, unfortunately. But thats not school, and you get money.