Monday, August 02, 2004

This marks my passing of fifty posts.
Saw the movie, The Village last night.
Quite a bit different from what I expected. It was pretty good.
I encourage everyone to listen to Digitally Imported, the online radio station every once and again for your trance/techno fix. They have all sorts of different techno, find a station you like. Its spectacular!
I personally like the regular trance channel the best. The other channels are great too though.
Mah Birfday is in siixxxx dayyyyssss!
unfortunately on my calendar, bracketing my birthday, are multiple dentist appointments.
how fun.

Doom 3 comes out today... Everyone is all excited and stuff.
I'd probably play it, but parents don't appreciate that kind of game too much, so I'll not play it unless the opportunity arises. Its one of those super extreme scary games, where there is a three headed five legged monster very slowly walking after you, and you unload your last five bullets into it and it still comes on... so you haveto pull out some totally wicked crowbar or... chainsaw or something to try and finish it off as it lashes its death-rape-tentacles at you.


I'm hungry.


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